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WWF Experience treasure hunt

Children enjoying the WWF experience

We hope that you enjoyed taking our treasure hunt, below are the answers.

Find out more abou the work we dowildlife and the wild places we work in. Or why not join our Go WIld club and discover more about wildlife from around the world and have fun with our wild games and activities.

Answers to our special Easter treasure hunt are at the bottom of this page. 

Wildlife zone

 Q1. Find a big button hidden on the left. Which animal left its paw print here?

Answer: Lion

Q2. Find another button hidden by the small entrance. Feel the texture and guess what it is.

Answer: Elephant skin

Q3. Find the words of David Attenborough carved in the wood. Can you fill in the blank? "In our hands now lies not only our own future, but that of all other living..."

Answer: Creatures

Q4. What is the tallest animal? What is the largest land mammal? What's the fastest animal?

Answer:  a. Giraffe b. African elephant c. Cheetah

Q5. I am black and white and spend 12 hours a day eating bamboo. Who am I? 

Answer: Giant panda

Q6. I use my long tusks to haul my massive body  up onto the ice. Who am I?

Answer: Walrus

Q7. I am a big cat and I am hunted for my skin, bones, teeth and claws. There are only 3,200 of us left in the wild! Who am I?

Answer: Tiger

Q8. I am called 'rhinoceros' but I can fly above the forest. I am losing my home as rainforests are being cut down.

Answer: Rhinoceros hornbill

Q9. Peek through the holes to discover how animals live. Can you name one of the animals?

Answer: There are lots to choose from, maybe the Gorilla, or Cheetah, or Hippo?

Q10. Wearing spots and stripes helps to blend in with the natural environment. Can you recognise these animals?

Answer: a. Zebra b. Leopard c. Cheetah d. Giraffe e. Tiger  

Ocean zone

 Q11. Find a big button in front of you. Can you feel what shape it has?

Answer: Conch shell

Q12. Find the second button near the small entrance. Can you guess what it is?

Answer: Turtle's flipper From a collection at Maidstone museum

Q13.Find the words of the British writer Arthur C Clark carved in the wood. Can you fill in the blank? "How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly..."

Answer: Ocean

Q14. I have a jelly-like body and use my stinging tentacles to stun my prey. Who am I?

Answer: Jellyfish

Q15. I live in the deep ocean and I am named after Dumbo the elephant because my fins look like big ears. Who am I?

Answer: Dumbo octopus

Q16. I find my food by making clicking sounds which bounce off my prey and tell me more about its size and shape. Who am I?

Answer: Dolphin

Q17. I am the largest animal on earth. My tongue is heavier than most elephants and my heart is the size of a small car. Who am I?

Answer: Blue whale

Q18. My back is deep metallic blue and I can weigh as much as a caravan. There are fewer of us in the sea as we are over-fished. Who am I?

Answer: Bluefin tuna

Q19. I live in the deep, dark sea and get my name from the rows of glowing lights along my body. Who am I?

Answer: Lantern fish

Freshwater zone

 Q20. Find a big button in front of you. Can you feel what shape it has?

Answer: Crocodile skin

Q21. What has a mouth but does not eat, has a bed but does not sleep, always runs but never walks?

Answer: River

Q22. I am a bird that swoops low over water to catch fish in my talons. Who am I?

Answer: Fish eagle

Q23. I have brown fur, a thick tail and webbed feet. My home is called a holt. Who am I?

Anwswer: Otter

Q24. I am mammal and come in all shades of pink. The darker the water, the pinker I am. Who am I?

Answer: Amazon river dolphin/ Pink river dolphin

Q25. I am often found where the river meets the sea, where the water is shallow and food is plentiful. Who am I?

Answer: Seal

Forest zone

 Q26. Can you find a big button on the left. Can you guess what it is?

Answer: Monkey's foot

Q27. I am a spotted cat and my name means 'he who kills with one leap' in a Native American language. Who am I?

Answer: Jaguar

Q28. I glide above the trees and can grab monkeys and sloths with my razor-sharp talons for dinner. Who am I?

Answer: Harpy eagle

Q29. I have a big colourful beak and it makes up one-third of my entire body length. Who am I?

Answer: Toucan

Q30. I am blue and yellow and I eat minerals from cliffs of river banks to improve my diet. Who am I?

Answer: Macaw

Q31. I can swim under water and hop on land. I can shed my skin and often eat it. Who am I?

Answer: Frog

Q32. I sleep for most of the day. Green algae often grow on my fur, helping me to hide while I'm asleep. Who am I?

Answer: Sloth

Q33. I am a tiny bird and I hover like a helicopter. I can beat my wings up to 80 times a second. Who am I?

Answer: Hummingbird

Easter Treasure Hunt

Hidden animals egg hunt

1) Panda
2) Crocodile
3) Turtle
4) Elephant 
5) Tiger

Easter Treasure Hunt

Wildlife Zone 

1) A lion
2) Prides
3) Their food
4a) Giraffe
4b) Elephant 
4c) Cheetah 
5) A panda
6) 3,200
7) A hippo
8) Global warming or climate change
9) 16 minutes
10) There are lots to choose from including gorillas, cheetas, hippos and many more. 

Ocean Zone 

11) Conch shell
12) A turtle's flipper 
13) 500
14) A dumbo octopus
15) From little plant cells living inside them
16) Anglerfish
17) Blue whale 
18) It's much windier at sea

The Freshwater zone

19) Crocodile skin 
20) A river
21) Heron 
22) Pollution, shipping, farming, sewage, dams or factory pollution. 
23) Flooding

Forest zone 

24) A monkey's foot
25) Gorillas
26) Plantations, agriculture, mining, dams or roads. 
27) A toco toucan 
28) 20,000
29) A rhinocerous hornbill
30) A hummingbird
31) It can be any! 

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