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Green game-changers

Fast moving ecological changes, economic pressures and other global challenges mean businesses need to innovate to survive and succeed. We encourage green innovation that will lead to big changes - ones that can transform the way businesses, markets and even whole societies operate. Already we're seeing some amazing examples of green game changers.

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Green game changers

In our latest report, we explore global innovation flows with a particular focus on Asia – the land of opportunity and disruptive influence. We see the potential for western and Asian firms to learn from each other and collaborate around solutions that tackle various regional, national and international challenges.

Green Game-Changers

2012 report

Previously, we looked at how a number of multinational firms are innovating in significant ways and provide insights into working in new ways.

2011 report

And before that, we collected 50 inspiring innovations – mainly from smaller businesses – that have the potential to disrupt business sectors.

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Note: this is not an exhaustive list of innovations and WWF does not necessarily endorse the case studies listed on this website.

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Every business will need to think about new innovative models to deal with increasing resource depletion, climate change and other pressures.  This report provides excellent examples for how large corporates can make significant changes to tackle today's challenges while pursuing new and different commercial opportunities.

Sir Stuart Rose - WWF-UK ambassador

The more enlightened businesses are seeking long-term future-proofing by aiming to decouple business growth from increasing damage, produce all-round zero negative impacts, or even generate restorative/net-positive social and environmental impacts. Others are going even further, to innovate into entirely new resilient ways of working.

Dax Lovegrove, head of business and industry, WWF-UK

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