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How we work with business

Our approach to working with business is both collaborative and challenging. We offer fresh insights to guide sustainability approaches and create stakeholder engagement opportunities to support your business to build future resilience, while making a positive contribution to the natural world.

We’re already working with progressive businesses to transform the way they do business as well as working across sectors to bring together investors, consumer groups and policy makers to drive the systemic change we need to arrive at a greener economy.

Strategic partnerships

We work with our partners to inform and develop progressive strategies and approaches to tackle environmental risks and create opportunities to engage customers, investors and employees to play their role in contributing to positive change.

Examples of our partnerships include, safeguarding the Amazon rainforest with SKY Rainforest Rescue, helping M&S become the world’s leading sustainable retailer to tackling water scarcity with SABMiller.

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Transforming markets

No single business can deliver all the solutions alone. We create a space where industry, investors, consumer groups and policy makers can work together through complex international issues, identify barriers and devise plans for system change.

Creating stewardship organisations is one example. We created the Marine Stewardship Council with Unilever to oversee accreditation and set standards in the fishing industry. The WWF-UK Forest and Trade Network is also having a major impact on responsible timber procurement. Its 46 members are estimated to account for 40% of forest products imported to the UK.

We are also engaging the finance sector through The Finance Lab, which now has over 2,000 members, to explore how to evolve the finance system so that it sustains people and the planet.

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Campaigning for change

We also work to highlight problematic business practices and campaign for better ones. Examples of our current business facing campaigns include:

Toxic Fuels

The cost of carbon pollution is increasing and governments are bringing in legislation to penalise polluting companies. But there’s no way for investors to know which companies present the greatest risks.

We’re calling on the UK government to introduce legislation – called Mandatory Carbon Disclosure – that will make it compulsory for large companies to state how much carbon they emit.

This will make it easier for investors to compare their investment risks. We believe it will also draw investors to low-carbon companies, helping drive us towards a much-needed greener global economy.

One in Five Challenge

Our challenge helps companies and government cut their costs as well as their carbon emissions from business travel.

Participants commit to cut 20% of their business flights within five years, through a guided programme which suggests practical ways to cut flying and use lower-carbon ways of staying connected. Current members include BSkyB, BT, Lloyds Banking Group, Marks & Spencer, Microsoft, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Government, Skanska and Vodafone UK.

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