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Calling all green game-changers!

6 September 2010

From waterless washing machines to wind turbines that fly 1,000m into the air, there are fascinating innovations already here and ready to game-change their industry. We want you to help us find more business innovation stories.

High altitude wind power

WWF has begun a new initiative to collect examples of innovative, environmentally-focused business thinking from around the world – what we call green game-changers.

This includes any radical product, business model or market mechanisim that has environmental and social benefits at its heart. Some examples of innovations we have found through our research by Verdantix can be found in our new report here.

Dax Lovegrove, our head of business and industry relations says; "New business thinking is key to survival and success in a fast-changing world, and business innovation is key in driving sustainability.

"We believe the business community will provide a lot of the solutions to help us move towards a sustainable future. In the face of escalating climate change and an ecological recession, businesses will need to innovate more to build resilience and maximise on opportunities."

James Beresford, the Verdantix Analyst who authored the report, says: “Cleantech innovations, such as thin-film solar, waterless washing and carbon negative cement, aren’t the whole picture. The age of sustainability innovation will reflect much bigger changes in thinking and business success.

"For example, we found regulatory innovation that couples profits from energy firms with demand reduction. Industrial symbiosis partnerships turn waste streams from one firm into inputs for another firm, turning waste into profit. This demonstrates that sustainability is much bigger than technology innovation.”

We want to build a bank of green game-changing stories and encourage you to share the innovations you’re involved in or are aware of.

We hope this initiative will inspire others to invest, adopt or to develop innovations of their own, and encourage the drive for climate-safe and ecologically-sound business practices.

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