Public affairs team

In 1997, WWF-UK set up a specialist public affairs team, to help us focus political attention on the environment.

The team ensures that our messages and campaigns make the maximum impact on decision-makers through all levels of government. We do this by meeting with and briefing MPs, MEPs, government ministers and special advisers. We also host events in Parliament, give evidence to parliamentary committees, give presentations to all party groups and campaign to improve legislation.

Between us, we have decades of experience at Westminster, local government and at an international level. A lot of our time is spent in the corridors of Westminster, the heart of political life, persuading the people in power that the environment is an issue which must be taken seriously.

WWF-UK also actively engages with the devolved governments and assemblies in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast . We also work on a European level through our European Policy Office.

The Team

Ben Stafford
Head of Public Affairs
01483 412442

Penny Evans

Public Affairs Specialist
01483 412376

Tom Viita 
Public Affairs Specialist
01483 412372

Dominic Gogol
Public Affairs Advisor
01483 412360

Eleanor Ridley
Team Administrator
(on maternity leave)

The public affairs team

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