Fewer than 35 Amur leopards remain in the wild, and their habitats are under threat from logging, forest fires and land clearance for farming. We need to increase their numbers, and protect their forest home.

Make a real difference.

Adopt a leopard.

You can adopt three Amur leopards. Tolstyi is a male, and El'duga and Narva are females. They live in the province of Primoskii Krai in the far east of Russia. Their habitat is mainly forested, with many steep, eroding cliffs.

We will send you

  • A cuddly toy leopard

    A cuddly toy leopard (optional)

  • A fact book about leopards

    My Leopards and Wild World magazine 3 times a year

  • Leopard adoption pack

    Fact book, certificate, print and more.

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Rarely seen, nearly gone...
...you are her best hope of survival

How you can make a real difference

Adopt a leopard with WWF

The Amur leopard is critically endangered. 80% of its range has reduced in just 19 years, prey numbers are dropping, and it is being poached for its beautiful skin and use of its bones in Chinese medicine. Your money can help us work towards:

  • Increasing leopards numbers to a viable population of at least 50
  • Reducing poaching and illegal trade of the leopards and their prey
  • Establishing protected areas and wildlife 'corridors' to link areas of forest
  • Promoting sustainable use of natural resources in the region
  • Your support will also help fund other essential WWF conservation work around the world

Last minute gift?

Leopard adoption certificate

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