Make a real difference.

Adopt a mountain gorilla.

You can adopt Ihoho, a male baby mountain gorilla. Ihoho is a member of the Susa family gorilla group, living in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

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A cuddly toy

25 minute DVD video diary of Dougie's gorilla trip and a photograph of Dougie in the jungle

Factbook, certificate, bookmarks and stickers, along with our exclusive adopter magazines 3 times a year

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Watch McFly's Dougie Poynter on an incredible journey to the heart of the African jungle to see mountain gorillas with WWF.
Found living in the border areas of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, these great apes are now critically endangered. Dougie is supporting WWF's new mountain gorilla adoption which will help raise funds to protect the last two remaining populations of the species. His amazing journey is captured in an exclusive DVD video diary, as part of this unique adoption.
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Elephant adoption certificate

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How you can make a real difference

A world without gorillas is unthinkable.

With your help, we can work to protect them from the major threats to their survival. Your money can help us work towards:

  • Training rangers to detect and safely remove snares set for other animals, which can often severely injure or kill gorillas
  • Helping to protect vital gorilla habitat
  • Helping to train rangers to protect the gorillas against poaching of babies for the illegal pet trade
  • Educating people on how to reduce the risk of gorillas catching human diseases
  • Helping reduce conflict between gorillas and humans when gorillas enter villages and farmland
  • Working with local governments to improve the management of the National Parks where gorillas live
  • Your support will also help fund other essential WWF conservation work around the world

WWF's work is carried out as part of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) with Fauna and Flora International, the African Wildlife Foundation, and the three governments of the region.