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Adopt an orang-utan

Adopt an endangered orang-utan from £3 - Your gift helps conservation work in their rainforest habitat

Help before it is too late - Adopt an orang-utan from £3

Orang-utan means 'man of the forest'. But the forest they live in is disappearing fast. And when the forest goes, so does the orang-utan.

Make a real difference. Adopt an orang-utan from just £3 a month.

Sponsor an endagered orangutan

You can adopt Koyah, a young male orang-utan, who lives in the Segama Forest Reserve in eastern Sabah, Borneo.

Adopt an orangutan and receive an adoption/gift/present pack

Orang-utan adoption pack

When you adopt we'll send you an orang-utan adoption pack. This includes:

  • A cuddly toy orang-utan
  • A fact booklet about orang-utans
  • A beautiful orang-utan print
  • A greetings card
  • Updates on orang-utans along with exclusive adopters' magazine Wild World, mailed three times a year
  • WWF's tips on reducing everyone's environmental impact

Why not adopt for someone else and send this as a gift?

Last minute gift?

No problem! If you are worried the adoption pack might not arrive in time, you will be able to print or email a gift certificate to give on the day.

A great
help for

The orang-utan's very survival is under threat as forest habitat is cleared to make way for plantations of palm oil, paper and timber. There are now only about half the number of orang-utans left in the wild compared with 10 years ago.Your money can help us work towards:

  • Protecting and restoring the orang-utan's habitat
  • Setting up patrols to help stop illegal hunting and poaching
  • Working with governments, organisations and local people to help endangered species
  • Your support will also help fund other essential WWF conservation work around the world.

Help orangutan conservation work