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Adélie penguins depend on sea ice for their main food source - krill. But parts of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean are warming rapidly, which is affecting the penguins’ feeding grounds. Help us find out more about these amazing birds - so that we can protect penguins and their habitat.

Adopt today and you’ll receive…

A cuddly penguin toy

My Penguins and Wild World magazine three times a year

Factbook, certificate, bookmarks, stickers and more

The threats to Adélie penguins

How you’re helping penguins

How your adoption can help

More about Adélie penguin

Adélie penguins are one of the smallest and most widely found penguins in the Antarctic. You can tell them apart from other penguins by their simple black and white marking and the distinct white ring around their eyes.

They’re found in colonies of hundreds. Pairs will mate for life if possible – and both of them help to raise their young.

Scientific name
Pygoscelis adeliae
Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica
Rocky coastline and ice-covered waters of the Antarctic
Wild population
Around 5 million
Extinction risk
Near threatened
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