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If the ice disappears then it will be game over for the polar bear.

Act now. Adopt now. Adopt a Svalbard polar bear. With your continual support we can do more to help the polar bear in its struggle for survival.

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Start giving a regular donation today and you'll receive your adoption pack within the next couple of weeks. It contains an irresistibly fluffy polar bear cub, WWF bag, certificate, photos and a greetings card. We'll also send you three updates through the year, letting you know how your donations are helping. A WWF Adoption would make a great present, so why not give the gift that makes a big difference!

Photos of polar bears

Don't forget you can also keep track of our group of Svalbard polar bears, with our special online tracker. You will find all the details of this in your adoption pack.

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No problem! If you are worried the adoption pack might not arrive in time, you will be able to print or email a gift certificate to give on the day.

A continuous struggle...

Climate change is causing the Arctic ice to melt and what remains is thinner and more treacherous. Polar bears need the ice to hunt so they are having to travel further and further to reach their prey. As the sea ice melts the area is also opened up to shipping and oil exploration adding pollution to the many threats the polar bear already faces.

Adult polar bear with two cubs (baby polar bears)

Did you know...

...polar bears shelter their cubs in the safety of their snow dens when they go hunting for food. But as the ice melts, these dens are collapsing on the cubs - leaving them vulnerable and exposed to extreme weather conditions.

...experts predict that Arctic sea ice could disappear completely in summer by 2040.

Polar bear adoption/gift/present pack

Adopt a polar bear today...

...by adopting a polar bear you can help us save the polar bear and its home from the effects of climate change and pollution.

We must act now to try and save the polar bear from extinction.

Your support will also help fund other essential WWF conservation work around the world.

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