Help stop wildlife crime

Many tigers are killed for profit; often by criminal gangs who operate across borders. Their skin, bones, teeth and other body parts are sold for pointless profit. How much would you give to help keep a tiger alive? We're asking for £3 a month.

Please adopt now.

Because as few as 3,200 tigers are left in the wild. We need your help to stop criminals killing animals for profit. It's wrong. It's illegal. It has to stop.

We will send you

  • A cuddly toy tiger

    A cuddly toy tiger (optional)

  • A fact book about tigers

    My Tigers and Wild World magazine 3 times a year

  • Tiger adoption pack

    Fact book, certificate, print and more.

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Your money could go further if you pay by monthly direct debit: this supports our long-term planning and helps to keep our administration costs down.

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How you can make a real difference

Adopt a tiger with WWF

A world without tigers is unthinkable.

With your help, we can work to protect them from the major threats to their survival. Your money can help us work towards:

  • Protecting them from poachers - tigers are killed both for their skins, and for their bones and body parts which are used in traditional Chinese medicine
  • Protecting and restoring habitat lost due to deforestation and farming
  • Working with governments, organisations and local people to help endangered species
  • Your support will also help fund other essential WWF conservation work around the world

Last minute gift?

Tiger adoption certificate

No problem! If you are worried the adoption pack might not arrive in time, you will be able to print or email a gift certificate to give on the day.