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  • A cuddly toy (optional)
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More about Snow leopards

Powerful, captivating and incredibly vulnerable to threats like poaching, loss of prey and conflict with people. Help us protect this endangered big cat.

How you're helping the snow leopards

This incredible animal has been known to leap as far as 15 metres and can travel up to 40km in a single night.

Location: Kangchenjunga Conservation Area (KCA), Nepal

Habitat: Snow leopards prefer steep terrain, broken by cliffs, rocky outcrops and ravines. They live at high altitudes, usually at elevations of 3,000-4,500 metres, although they occasionally go above 5,500 metres in the Himalayas.

Wild population: As few as 4,000 are thought to remain in the wild.

The threats to snow leopards

How your adoption can help:

The snow leopards of the sacred Himalayas

It's likely that there are at least ten snow leopards in Kangchenjunga Conservation Area, Nepal. Paw prints (known as pugmarks) suggest that at least one of them is a cub. Snow leopards are very elusive and it's rare to see one in the wild, but five individuals have been photographed by camera traps.