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Think before you travel

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Personal transport contributes 18% of total UK CO2 emissions. Travelling by car or plane produces a high percentage of these emissions. Below are tips and suggestions on how to travel with a lower footprint.

First steps

  • Drive less and share your commute with friends or colleagues
  • Take in more of Britain’s countryside for long weekend breaks and cut out those short haul flights to Europe
  • Walk or cycle for short trips and get fit in the process
  • Take trains and buses when you’re going on holiday. There are plenty of different overseas train networks; to find out more visit The Man in Seat Sixty-One
  • Offset your flight emissions with a Gold Standard offset product, such as Myclimate, atmosfair or climate friendly
  • If you have the flexibility, work from home one day a week

Challenge yourself

  • Join a car club (two good examples are Liftshare and Zipcar) and save on MOT, insurance, road tax, repairs, parking and petrol costs. Every car club car is the equivalent of taking five cars off the road
  • If you are buying a new car, investigate more energy efficient or hybrid models
  • If you do a school run why not organise a walking bus for your children and their friends? It’s more social and helps keep your children healthy, not to mention the money saved from petrol and other car costs
  • For those who only do short trips, look into buying an electric car
  • Persuade your employer to provide safe and secure bicycle storage and shower facilities for keen cyclists

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Other tips

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