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Fundraising for WWF

How your fundraising helps us

Almost 70% of our income comes from donations through membership, legacies, and of course - fundraisers like you! Every donation – no matter how big or small – makes a difference to projects across the world. Here are just a few examples of what your fundraising efforts could buy:

  • £25 – would pay for five fuel-efficient stoves for five families in China's Minshan Mountains – home to the giant panda.
  • £50 – could provide the weekly salary for two field assistants studying humpback whales at Bahia Malaga off the Pacific coast of Colombia.
  • £100 – could pay for one rhino translocation crate – used when moving rhinos into safer, more protected areas.
  • £300 – would pay for the training of one local youth to become a turtle tour guide on the nesting beaches of Costa Rica.

Sumatran tiger © David Lawson/WWF-UK

Thank you for showing an interest in raising money for WWF.

Fundraising is a great way of supporting us. The success of our worldwide conservation programmes depends on the enthusiasm of people like you!

Please find below all you need to support you including a guide with top tips and great fundraising ideas.

Please feel free to download all the materials you may find useful.

If you have any further queries please feel free to call us on 01483 426 333 or email us at challenges@wwf.org.uk

Fundraising Guide

WWF Fundraising Guide

Fundraising Dos and Don'ts

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Sponsor form

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