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If you like Planet Earth Live...

... help us protect the natural world!

The BBC's ambitious Planet Earth Live series is following the life and death struggles of wildlife across the world - from bears and otters in America to baby elephants in Kenya and grey whales in the Pacific.

At WWF we focus our conservation work on wildlife and environments (and communities) that need help most. Follow the links below to see just a few examples of what we do with the funds we raise...


Across Africa and Asia, elephants have been having a hard time of late. Dramatic increases in poaching, driven by a growing illegal ivory trade, coupled with deforestation and loss of natural habitat, are pushing some populations towards extinction. Find out more, and see how you can help - for example by adopting an elephant.

Leopard using termite mound to get a wider view of surroundings.

Big cats

Some of the world's most iconic big cats - like the tiger and certain leopard species - are seriously endangered. There may be as few as 35 Amur leopards in the wild, and only about 3,200 wild tigers (it's believed there are more tigers in captivity in the US than in their natural environments in Asia). Find out more, and see how you can help us protect the critically endangered Amur leopard.


During the Planet Earth Live series, presenter Julia Bradbury is following some migrating grey whales in the Pacific. One particular grey whale population - the western greys off the eastern coast of Russia - are under severe threat right now from oil company activities. Find out more about our work with whales - and see how you can help save the last 130 western gray whales.

Find out lots more about our wildlife conservation work - and the many easy but vital ways you can help or get involved.

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