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Change your search engine

The next time you search the web, why not use a different search engine to your usual one, and help raise money for WWF?

By using Everyclick.com you can search the web and raise money for WWF for free.

How does it work?

Search engines such as Everyclick generate money by advertising. Everyclick donates half of all the money it generates in this way, to the charities chosen by its users. By registering on Everyclick and choosing WWF as your charity, you can raise money to help our vital work every time you search the web - at no cost to you, or to WWF!

Support WWF by using Everyclick as your internet search engine.

When 10% of the internet searches in the UK are carried out on Everyclick, we'll raise £211,000 for charity every day – that's over £77million per year!

And that’s not all…

From shopping to bungee-jumping, there are plenty of other ways you can raise money for WWF through Everyclick!

Compare and buy from hundreds of online retailers with Everyclick shop. Everyclick receives commission on every sale and will give half of this revenue to your chosen charity.

Make a donation to WWF, or give an e-voucher to a friend – allowing them to donate this cash gift to the charity of their choice.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous, why not set up your own sponsorship page to raise money for WWF, and get friends to sponsor you to run a marathon or do a bungee jump?

The choice is yours!


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