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Pandamonium 2012
Auction catalogue

Update: this auction closed on 16 July 2012

For 2012, WWF’s Pandamonium has challenged leading contemporary minds from the art, fashion and design worlds to create wearable sculpture to celebrate and support 50 years of WWF.

The evening unfolded at 6.30pm with unforgettable performances, an unexpected catwalk show, a moving feast, and champagne under the stars. There was also an exclusive opportunity to purchase some of the specially commissioned artworks in a silent auction on the night that will help raise funds for WWF’s vital work to safeguard the natural world

Image of Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan

Lot no: 1, SOLD
Between, Spring/Summer 1998

The North Circular by Katherine Poulton & Lily Cole, Pandamonium 2

The North Circular (Katherine Poulton & Lily Cole)

Lot no: 2, SOLD
We are the leopard who must voyage to change our spots

English Eccentrics, Igloo skirt, Pandamonium 2

English Eccentrics

Lot no: 3
Igloo Dress

Nicola Formichetti, Nicopanda Jacket, Pandamonium 2

Nicola Formichetti

Lot no: 4, SOLD
Nicopanda Jacket

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid

Lot no: 5
Frozen Aura

Stuart Haygarth & Sian Evans, The Temple Tip Bower, Pandamonium 2

Stuart Haygarth & Sian Evans

Lot no: 6
The Temple Tip Bower

Stephen Jones Millinery & Bouke de Vries, Chimera mask, Pandamonium 2

Stephen Jones Millinery & Bouke de Vries

Lot no: 7, SOLD
Chimera mask

Idris Khan, Wild Horses, Pandamonium 2

Idris Kahn

Lot no: 08
Wild Horses... After Twombly, 2012 study 1
Lot no: 09
Wild Horses... After Twombly, 2012 study 2
Lot no: 10, SOLD
Wild Horses... After Twombly, 2012 study 3

Rowan Mersh, Untitled, Pandamonium 2

Rowan Mersh

Lot no: 12, SOLD

Lisa Milroy RA, Barbie, Pandamonium 2

Lisa Milroy RA

Lot no: 13, SOLD

Annie Morris, Mother, Pandamonium 2

Annie Morris

Lot no: 14

Lucy + Jorge Orta, Clouds – Extension corporelle, Pandmonium 2

Lucy + Jorge Orta

Lot no: 15
Clouds – Extension corporelle

Nina Saunders, Patterns of Desire, Pandamonium 2

Nina Saunders

Lot no: 16
Patterns of Desire

Conrad Shawcross, Hyperbolic swarf drawing, Pandamonium 2

Conrad Shawcross

Lot no: 17
Hyperbolic swarf drawing

Studio Roso, Water = Life, Pandamonium 2

Studio Roso

Lot no: 18
Water = Life

Sue Timney & Alix Timney, Colourless green Ideas Sleep Furiously, Pandamonium 2

Sue Timney & Alix Timney

Lot no: 19
Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously (Noam Chomsky 1957)

Julie Verhoeven, Desdemona Morris, Pandamonium 2

Julie Verhoeven

Lot no: 20
Desdemona Morris

Jennifer Walsh, Silently & Very Fast, Pandamonium 2

Jennifer Walshe

Lot no: 21
Silently & Very Fast
Lot no: 22
In History Lie Like Bones Every One
Lot no: 23 SOLD
Pour Away the Ocean and Sweep Up the Woods
Lot no: 24
Look, Stranger on This Island

Richard Wilson RA, Storm in a teacup

Richard Wilson RA

Lot no: 25, SOLD
Storm in a teacup

Pandamonium 2012


The auction

The pieces were auctioned on 24 May 2012 at At The LookOut, Hyde Park, London to raise funds for WWF.

There is still a limited opportunity to bid for Pandamonium 2012 works.
If you would like to register a written bid please email Georgie Bridge pandamonium@wwf.org.uk Closing date 16/07/2012.

For artwork enquiries:

Artwise Curators - artwisecurators.com

T. +44(0)208 5639495
Deana Vanagan: deana@artwisecurators.com
Susie Allen: susie@artwisecurators.com