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What's it all about?

Our world needs you. Around the world, nearly a quarter of all mammal species are threatened with extinction. And in the UK, we’re consuming three times our fair share of the planet’s natural resources. The Panda Made Me Do It is about collecting, sharing and celebrating the positive things that people are doing to help protect our planet.

It's as simple as...

  • 1 Choose it We have a list of ways you can protect the natural world.
  • 2 Do it We've made it simple and can help you all the way.
  • 3 Share it Tell everyone what the Panda's made you do.
  • Adopt a baby gorilla

    Adopt a baby gorilla today

    Help protect one of our closest relatives in the natural world. The mountain gorilla needs our support, in the face of habitat destruction, local wars and illegal pet trade.

  • The winning design in the Threadless + WWF challenge

    Get the new WWF+Threadless tee

    We challenged you to create an iconic t-shirt design that inspires people to protect nature. This tee makes a statement, and a difference too, as 25% of profits from each tee sale goes to support WWF’s work.

  • Earth Hour 2013 is about more than an hour - 60+ lightwriting

    Sign up now for WWF's Earth Hour

    Join the annual phenomenon that focuses the world's attention on our amazing planet and how we need to protect it - there are lots fun ways to get involved.

  • Follow our 5 Livewell principles for a healthy diet

    Eat well for you and the planet

    Make a difference today by pledging to follow our 5 Livewell principles. It's relatively easy and something you can do every day.

  • Pledge to save precious water

    Save precious water

    Water is a finite resource, but demand keeps on rising – so we urgently need to change the way we use it. Let’s all share our water-saving ideas and inspire others.

  • Join WWF's Green Ambassador scheme

    Help make schools greener

    If you'd like more children to learn about green issues and sustainability by taking action in their schools, make sure your local school knows about the Green Ambassadors scheme.

  • Join the Go Wild club

    Join the Go Wild Club

    Kids who are signed up learn about our brilliant planet and the animals and habitats that we're working to protect. Go Wild is about discovering and loving the natural world.

  • Buy sustainable MSC fish

    Buy sustainable fish

    The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label on seafood products guarantees they come from well-managed, sustainable fisheries. Tell us which is your favourite type of sustainable fish.

  • Choose FSC certified wood and paper

    Pledge to choose good wood

    Choosing FSC-certified wood and paper products is good for forests, wildlife and people. It's a simple way to influence what your retailer buys and sells.

  • Adopt a dolphin

    Adopt a Dolphin

    Every year, thousands of dolphins accidentally drown in fishing nets. Help us reduce the threats to these intelligent, inquisitive creatures.

  • Become a WWF campaigner

    Campaign with us

    Join a growing community helping protect the natural world and making change happen. It's free and it's simple - anyone with an email address can join in right now.

  • Sponsor an acre of forest

    Sponsor an acre of forest

    WWF has joined forces with Sky for an exciting campaign to help protect part of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Our aim is to safeguard a billion trees, covering an area about the size of Belgium.

  • Become a WWF member

    Become a WWF member

    Help fund vital work to protect wildlife and communities across the world and be part of our work. You will be kept up to date through our lovely membership pack.

  • Take on a challenge with WWF

    Take on a WWF challenge

    In this Olympic year, get fit and take on a sponsored challenge for WWF. With a wide range of events, we have something for everyone so join our team.

  • Adopt a turtle

    Adopt a Hawksbill Turtle

    Every year, over 250,000 marine turtles drown, entangled in the fishing lines and nets that choke the world's oceans. Help us halt the devastation.