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WWF's Earth Hour is a reminder that we need to look after our planet. Not just for an hour, but every day

We can all do more to protect the natural world.

Growing our own veg, cycling, reducing our energy demand, upcycling, reducing our meat consumption or improving efficiency in our homes.

There are lots of little things we can all do, which together can make a big difference. To create a brighter future for our planet, we need everyone!

If you care about the future of the planet, we want your friends to care too. Tell us what you are going to do beyond the hour. The Panda Made Me Do It is about collecting, sharing and celebrating things that people are doing for our planet, people just like you.

Watch the short films above, for ideas and inspiration on going beyond the hour!

What will the panda make you do beyond the hour?

Win one of 10 Panda Made Me Do It T-shirts, just tell the world what you will do beyond the hour.

T-shirts will be awarded to people who share the most inspiring actions!