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Messages of support for anti-poaching patrols

Posted by WWF on 12/01/10 00:00 AM


Thanks to everyone who responded to our recent tiger appeal with a donation and with messages of support for the work of the anti-poaching patrols. 

We were delighted with the hundreds of messages of support - here are just a few examples from the hundreds we've received. These messages of support will be sent out  to all the men and women in the front line of tiger conservation. Thanks to everyone who took the time to put pen to postcard.

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We will be updating this page with more of your messages of support throughout 2010, The Year of the Tiger.

You can...

  • If you would like to send a message to the anti-poaching patrols, you can add a comment using the form below and we will pass your message on.
  • Please note: we reserve the right to remove any insulting or offensive messages left here. Feel free to express a measured opinion, but keep it civil  and bear in mind that children sometimes read these pages too. Thanks.
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Posted by teejay on 31/03/10 22:33
its a shame that this kind of work is necessary, but its fantastic that there are people who are passionate and driven. Keep up the great work - hope to do some volunteer work soon.
Posted by Carm Modica on 30/03/10 14:15
Please keep up the MOST HONOURED WORK, it is a dangerous task and wish it possible to join you there in the fight. Remember on difficult days you have millions of people behind you and ONE DAY those that are MISUSING THE TIGER will FINALLY SEE it represents POWER and MONEY ALIVE than extinct.
Posted by Agnieszka on 26/03/10 20:54
It's good to know there are people who still care about our planet, who can do what I cannot to protect wildlife.
Keep doing great job!!!
With Love
Posted by mallika on 25/03/10 23:49
Active and positive steps should be taken to ban poaching.
Posted by Ross Paterson on 23/03/10 22:46
Tigers have been or our planet for as long as we have. now in this century other humans are using dominance to capture these truley amazing animals. Its upseting but what your doing is bringing back pride :)
Posted by Viktor Rietveld on 20/03/10 20:08
By all means the best charity I've ever given (and still give) money to. It protects one of the most beautiful animals on this planet and at the same time gives jobs to people who need it.

I'll even donate extra slippery bars of soap for poachers in prison, if given the chance.
Posted by Sam Hogbin on 01/03/10 12:58
I'm so glad that something is being done about this, action needs to be taken to tackle this issue and you guys are doing it. Thank you so much, you're a true inspiration.
Posted by Liz Bielok on 20/02/10 20:20
Keep up the great work you're doing. Your tiger patrols are vital to stop these beautiful animals from becoming extinct.
Posted by Jacqui Freeman on 10/02/10 15:42
its nice to know that theres people out there willing to give up their time for a good cause and helping all the endangered species of this world, keep up the good work
Posted by Louise Stephenson on 07/02/10 09:00
I can't believe that in today's society a small minority of people want to harm this truely beautiful animal. I wish that I could do more to help your amazing efforts to protect these big cats. Thank you & please, please continue the fight....
Posted by fernie bowdery on 30/01/10 18:16
I am so happy and gratefull that you brave people that are standing up to the poachers are doing this, because they are people who don't think of other right's and animals too, they don't care, unlike heartful people like you guys, please keep on going, let these phenomonal creatures survive! Go WWF
Posted by sarah (skull) on 29/01/10 21:33
I recently read a book by Michael morpurgo called running wild, and there is a tiger that is killed by poachers. If. Real people are saving real tigers, they have all my support.
Posted by Scott Roberts on 29/01/10 20:51
It's good to know that there are people out in the world taking such an active role in preserving the amazing wonders of our planet. Thank you so much for all of the work you are putting in. You have 100% of my support!
Posted by Chris Redston on 29/01/10 18:29
Thank you for all the work you do on behalf of tigers. We're in freezing cold London, but we hope that our support, both financial and personal, will help you save the tiger and protect its environment. We will probably never meet, but you are our heroes. Stay safe and good luck.
Posted by Emma Hawdale on 29/01/10 18:29
I LOVE TIGERS!! They are wonderfull creatures and well I just love them and a BIG thank you to the anti-poaching team because they are doing a great job!!
Posted by Clare Jerome-Star on 29/01/10 12:15
Thankyou for the amazing and courageous work you are doing. It is so important to save thisincredible animal. What you are doing matters for the whole planet
Posted by WWF-UK on 28/01/10 16:57
We’ve removed a couple of offensive comments from this page but we’d love to hear more of your messages of support for the anti-poaching patrols, which after all is the reason this page is here!
Posted by Sacha on 26/01/10 11:11
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone in the anti-poaching team - I wish I could do more for them. Keep up the good and important work. Tigers are the most magical creatures - I have been lucky enough to see some in the wild and it's a much better place for them to be.
Posted by Susan Shannon on 25/01/10 17:29
Thankfully there are people like yourselves who are willing to do such a difficult and fantastic job in helping to protect such a beautiful and vital animal. I wish I could do more but I know our donations are crucial. Here's to a successful year! Thankyou so much!
Posted by Mr R Somanathan on 25/01/10 17:21
Dear Anti-poaching Team
It is a sad fact that there are some who believe that animals are there just to serve them and hence exploit them. It is therefore heartening that there are brave people like you who are showing them the error of their ways. If I only could, I'll be there with you. Keep up
Posted by Mr R Somanathan on 25/01/10 17:21
Dear Anti-poaching Team
It is a sad fact that there are some who believe that animals are there just to serve them and hence exploit them. It is therefore heartening that there are brave people like you who are showing them the error of their ways. If I only could, I'll be there with you. Keep up
Posted by Robert on 23/01/10 21:09
I saw two young tigers in Ranthambore nearly 20 years
ago.They were probably poached shortly afterwards.
So the brave anti-poaching patrols have my great
Posted by Karen Hawkes on 22/01/10 18:15
Tigers have been pushed to extinction, not from natural selection, but from unnecessary human intervention. Keep up the fabulous work WWF. The anti-poachers are doing a dangerous job and should be applauded. The moral majority of the planet are supporting you all the way.
Posted by christine boyle on 22/01/10 18:05
i adopt a tiger and a leopard from wwf already, i wish i could do more,i find it very sad that humans take great pleasure in hurting any animal, we should be able to live in peace with all animals on the planet, please keep up the good work, pity you cannot be a bit harder on poachers to stop them.
Posted by colin bell on 21/01/10 20:31
I am disabled with a disabled 14 year old son I have adopted a tiger and also a polar bear for him he was more exited about these presents than all his other xmas presents. you people do a fantastic job and one day thanks to you he may be able to see a tiger in the wild. thanks again and keep up the
Posted by WWF-UK on 21/01/10 17:30
We'd love to hear more of your tributes to the amazing men and women who are risking their lives to protect this beautiful and endangered species. Thanks for all the positive and inspiring comments so far.
Posted by Lauren on 21/01/10 16:59
Thank you for your ongoing efforts to preserve the lives of such beautiful animals. As with many endangered species, it would be a great loss for future generations of humans to lose these amazing creatures on our planet.
Posted by Colin Harris on 20/01/10 13:44
Your bravery at facing up to these poaches to much appreciated. Keep up the good work, generations will most grateful.
Posted by Jeanette Jackson on 20/01/10 08:28
You are all doing great work in keeping the tigers alive for the future generation to see and admire.

Thank you for your hard in 2009.

Lets hope 2010 is truely the year of the Tiger!
Posted by Carla on 20/01/10 01:44
You guys are heroes! Thank you for everything. X
Posted by Steven Henry on 19/01/10 20:34
Hello there.

I wish I could tell you just how much we appreciate what you do. It's an amazing thing you do that is inspiring the world over. My very best thoughts and appreciation to you all.

Posted by DAVE FLEMING on 19/01/10 20:05
Posted by Ian and June on 19/01/10 19:54
You are all heroes and we wish there were more like you. Good wishes from us here in arctic Scotland
Posted by Lili-Frei-Harrington-Lowe on 19/01/10 18:27
thank you for being such a help to our tigersXXX.
Posted by Orla Godfrey on 19/01/10 18:26
I am so proud of WWF. They help so many animals, When I am older i want to be like you. I hope the tigers will not be extinct, I find it horrible that people want to kill them!:(
Posted by Tom Brand on 19/01/10 16:52
A world without creatures like tigers in would be a sad world indeed. They are on the brink of extinction but with more of your hard work and dedication I'm sure we will succeed.
Posted by S Kardos on 19/01/10 15:43
Your dedication to protect tigers in THEIR nature habitat is truly appriecated. We might be miles away but we want these beautiful creatures will continue to survive and hopefully thrive. A big thankyou!
Posted by Heather Emery on 19/01/10 15:25
Tigers are my favourite animal, it would be a great loss if they were no longer on this planet. You are doing a fantastic job in helping to save these beautiful creatures, I wish I could do more to help.
Please keep up the good work, what you are doing is amazing.
Posted by shirley tunstead on 19/01/10 13:55
without people like you the will not be able to see these majestic animals in the habitat they should be in. Please keep up your brave and selfless work for all the animals that inhabit our beautiful planet. Thankyou love and peace to you all
Posted by Pamela on 19/01/10 13:01
Thank you to all you brave people who are on the front-line in the fight against the despicable poachers who seem intent on wiping out these magnificent cats. The world would be a poorer place without this beautiful animal. God bless you for your bravery and dedication.
Posted by Margaret on 19/01/10 11:49
Great work, you are all very brave. Carry on with this great work xxxx
Posted by Cinzia on 19/01/10 11:34
Thank you to all the team for your great job.
We cannot allow anyone to kill and destroy our beautiful wildlife in all of its form, colour and shape and your are amazing for fight the greed, ignorance, cruelty and selfishness of certain people. Thank you.
Posted by Robbie McMillan on 19/01/10 10:57
Like many others on here I was truly shocked at the numbers of wild tigers left in this world. These magnificent, regal cats should be left in peace. Many thanks to everyone on the front line who are helping these beautiful creatures
Posted by Kathy Pembry on 19/01/10 10:22
Thank you to all the team who are doing such a valuable role. We can only provide the monatery support but the teams are on the front line making the difference everyday Thank you and long may the TIger be safe due to your work.
Posted by Hilary Love on 19/01/10 10:14
Thank you so much for working so hard to protect our tigers. Tigers are truly beautiful and majestic and this world will be a very sad place if there were none left.
Thank you.
Posted by j davies on 19/01/10 09:49
I would love my grandchildren to be able to see these beautiful tigers in their natural environment we have a duty to keep all endangered species safe. Keep up the good work, your help is essential
Posted by Roisin Gruner on 19/01/10 09:38
Thank you for your courage. Love & Peace from Roisin.
Posted by Martin Anscombe on 18/01/10 23:52
I cannot understand why a human being would kill such graceful creatures as the Tiger. The world would be a poorer place without them and our children robbed of the chance to see nature at its most magnificent. We should totally RESPECT their space and live in harmony with them in our world
Posted by James Watson on 18/01/10 23:52
My donation, along with money given by other tiger lovers, will hopefully make a difference. The greatest animal on Earth cannot be allowed to die out. If we're powerless to stop it, it would be the most apt damnation of our race. On a more positive note: THANK YOU to the tiger conservationists!
Posted by Colette Reddington on 18/01/10 22:53
No matter how hard I try I just cannot get my head around why a human being would kill such graceful creatures as the Tiger. We should totally RESPECT their space and live in harmony with them in our world. Thanks to the help of the kind people trying to make this happen.
Posted by Suzy Bricknell-Sproston on 18/01/10 20:50
In the words of Winston Churchill 'Never has so much been owed to so few, by so many'. With the same courage he showed, the anti-poaching teams are our greatest hope for the survival of one of our most magnificent and beautiful of cats. Their gift to our well-being is their existance.
Posted by Mike Denison on 18/01/10 20:40
Thank you for the selfless acts of kindness and care. Every creature desrves to exist in its own way, what right do we have to decide what is more important in the world. Tigers are a natural deign of the world. Thank YOU!!
Posted by Chris Roughley on 18/01/10 20:39
I was lucky enough to see a wild Tiger in November in Ranthambore, India. The people working to keep the last few of these most majestic of animals alive are truely heroic. Thankyou for making my sighting possible.
Posted by Cindy on 18/01/10 20:05
Well done to all those involved, without their intervention animals all over the world would suffer. What a magnicent job they do. This planet belongs to all not just us humans.
Posted by Wendy Beyda on 18/01/10 19:40
Thank you to all of the anti poaching patrols for trying to keep our endangered species safe. Tigers are just beautiful and majestic creatures, how anyone can kill them still puzzles me. One day I would love to see a tiger in the wild.
Posted by Dominic Ireland on 18/01/10 19:34
Thank goodness there are people that care enough to save these beautiful creatures. Your work is vital and every good wish is with you.
Posted by Chris Gravett on 18/01/10 19:28
Thank goodness there are people like you prepared to do their best to save these wonderful animals. The world would be a poorer place without them and our children robbed of the chance to see nature at its most magnificent. The very best of luck.
Posted by Paula on 18/01/10 18:12
Thank you and keep up the hard work! It is thanks to people like you, that these beautiful creatures and many other endangered animals, are still around for us and our children to see.
Posted by David Allison on 18/01/10 18:06
The tiger is one of the most important animals of the planet since it sits at the top of the food chain in their territory. Thanks to yourself, you have not only saves the tiger, but the millions of other creatures what rely on it to.

Posted by Betty Keig on 18/01/10 18:05
I cannot understand anyone wanting to kill such a beatiful creature as a tiger! Thank goodness there are good people like yourselves who are trying to prtect these lovely animals. Keep up the good work, if the tigers could thank you I'm sure they would.
Posted by carole palmer on 18/01/10 17:41
It is wonderful that there are people willing to give their time and skills to aid such a wonderful cause; I hope the anti poaching patrols realise how much their efforts are appreciated. A huge thank you!
Posted by Eirlys on 18/01/10 17:34
Well done to all the anti-poaching patrols who are working to preserve all our endangered species.
Posted by David kerkhoff on 18/01/10 16:51
From a photographer's point of view, the tiger is one of the most beautiful, majestic and noble animals to walk the face of the earth. It is not only because people like to take pictures, the tigers simply deserve the right to live. Please safeguard them!

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