There are many different ways you can support WWF's vital work to protect wildlife and habitats around the world. Choosing a WWF credit card is one way you can make a difference.

This July, we’re launching a brand new card design, exclusive to WWF credit card holders. What’s more, the new WWF credit card is the only contactless card in the UK made from renewable plastic, which means it has a much lower environmental impact than standard PVC credit cards.

Credit Cards

Whenever you use the WWF credit card - and at no cost to you - MBNA will contribute:

  • £40 when you use your card within 90 days of the account opening. £40 could pay for rations for two rangers on a 5-day anti-poaching patrol
  • 40p for every £100 spent on card purchases, for as long as you have your account
  • £2 for every year your account remains open and active. £2 could pay for a film cartridge for an infra-red camera to monitor tigers in Nepal’s Terai Arc

Eligibility check

Find out if you are eligible before applying for this card. As part of the eligibility check a quotation search will be carried out, but that won't show up on your credit record as an application for credit so it won't affect your credit rating.

0% on balance transfers for up to 24 months

from account opening date (2.99% handling fee). Transfers must be made within the first 90 days of account opening.

0% on money transfers for up to 24 months

from account opening date (4% handling fee). Transfers must be made within the first 90 days of account opening.

0% on card purchases for up to 3 months

for up to 3 months from the date your account is opened.

Eligibility for this credit card depends on your circumstances and the results of the eligibility check.

Representative Example

18.9% p.a. variable on card purchases

Equivalent to 18.9%APR representative (variable)

Based on a credit limit of £1200

WWF supporter Sam finds his WWF credit card has unexpected perks

Sam Joab

Sam Joab has held a WWF credit card for more than five years. “A friend told me about charity credit cards and my first reaction was to look for one related to an environmental cause,” he says. “When I found out that WWF offered a credit card it was an easy choice for me as I am already a long-time supporter.”

It's simple. You get all the benefits of a standard credit card with the added bonus of giving money to WWF at no extra cost or effort to you.

And there are unexpected perks for Sam: “The card is always a conversation starter. Every time people see it I usually end up in a conversation about WWF or wildlife. And then the problem is getting me to stop talking!”

Did you know?

  • The WWF card is the only contactless credit card in the UK made from a renewable plastic called PLA (polylactate)
  • PLA is made from plant sugars, which means no oil is needed as a raw material
  • PLA is recyclable and also breaks down quickly in landfill
  • The WWF card is chlorine-free, making it more environmentally-friendly than standard PVC

Working with MBNA for a more sustainable future


The strong relationship forged between MBNA and WWF goes way beyond the credit card collaboration. For example - the company is a member of our Global Forest & Trade Network, which promotes responsible management of the world's forests.

Exclusive offers for WWF credit card holders at the WWF shop

WWF Gifts and Products

An exclusive 10% discount is available to WWF credit card holders, valid across our entire range of eco-friendly gifts and products.

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