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Brazil passes Forest Code reforms - grim news for the Amazon

26 April 2012

Brazil’s Congress last night passed legislation that will strip the Amazon and other important regions of critical environmental protections. The future of Brazil’s forests now lies in the hands of President Dilma Rousseff who has 15 days to approve or veto changes to the country’s long-standing forest law. In the coming two weeks, we’ll be putting pressure on the President to keep her election promises and oppose more deforestation. Please stand by to take action for Brazil's forests.

Deforestation along road between Rio Branco and Xapuri, Acre, Brazil

Thank you to everyone who has already supported us by sending an e-mail to President Rousseff and sharing the news on Facebook and Twitter. It’s because of you and the millions of other Brazilian and international voices that we managed to delay the vote three times. But the agricultural lobby behind the changes is incredibly powerful. And we need your help to encourage President Rousseff to oppose them and stand up for forests.

You can

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Aerial view of the Peruvian Amazon

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