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This campaign has now finished, THANK YOU so much for your support

Together we reached every MP in the country!

Your support for our campaign to stop over abstraction and sewage pollution in our river system resulted in a significant number of MPs writing to Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for the Environment, demanding action.

Following our campaign, the government has:

a) Launched a new plan in December last year to modernise the abstraction service and instigate a catchment-based approach to abstraction which should make more water available to the environment.

b) Published the long-awaited 25 Year Plan for the Environment in January this year. It asks for water companies to take “bold action” to reduce demand for water and provide “robust and transparent” plans on wastewater management as part of their forthcoming Business Plans.

We welcome both plans, but the government needs to go further to restore the health of our rivers. We will be pushing the government to strengthen their ambitions and put in place legislation to ensure their delivery.

Thanks again for supporting this campaign.