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We have a chance. Maybe just one. To slow down climate change, restore our one shared home and survive.​ But we need every climate promise to be kept.  

With the vital UN climate summit coming to Glasgow in November, we need to make sure our leaders hear loud and clear that we won’t forget the promises they have made. From keeping our climate as safe as possible, to working with nature to tackle the crisis – we need them to step up and deliver.  

The most impactful way of reminding the UK Government about their promises is through your local MP – so take a minute to let them know that we won’t forget.  

A windfarm on the west coast of Cumbria near Workington at sunset, UK.

What's been promised?

We’re calling for the UK Government to deliver on 5 crucial climate promises: 

  1. Their promise to keep the climate as safe as possible – using COP26 to make sure limiting warming to 1.5 degrees remains feasible.  
  2. Their promise to stop increasing carbon in the atmosphere – reaching net zero in the UK by 2050 at the latest. 
  3. Their promise to protect our forests – making sure UK products aren’t contributing to the destruction of forests like the Amazon. 
  4. Their promise to make our money greener – helping the finance sector get to net zero. 
  5. Their promise to work with nature to tackle the climate crisis – making sure actions to maximise nature’s potential are at the heart of the climate summit.

We won't forget.