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Right now, the UK is deciding on trade deals that will impact our climate, our health and the health of our planet – for generations to come.

These deals could open the floodgates for lower food and environmental standards – welcoming unhealthy, low quality products into the UK that rely on destroying nature, unsustainable farming and animals being kept in disease-ridden conditions.

We need a better deal. We need a commitment from Government that they will not undermine our environmental protections, animal welfare and food standards. Now is the time to put promises in law – and make sure they can’t be broken.

We’re asking you to write to the people who have the power to put promises in law – the Secretary of State for International Trade and the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

amazing have signed so far: help us get to 70,000!

Dear Secretary of State, 

The evidence is clear: the destruction of natural habitats and the intensification of agriculture are two of the main causes of diseases crossing from animals to humans. Each of these has the potential to cause the next pandemic – and the risks are escalating with the rise of megafarms which, poorly managed, can be breeding grounds for disease.

The transformation of our food and farming sector is underway – world-leading improvements that will help to halt and reverse the decline of nature. However, all of this would be fatally undermined if a trade deal allowed imports that are produced to much lower standards, through farming systems that pollute rivers, poison the air and destroy nature.    

In your manifesto you committed ‘In all trade negotiations’ to ‘not compromise on our high environmental protection, animal welfare and food standards’. That commitment is welcome – but it must be put into law to make sure that our health and our planet can never be used as a bargaining chip in trade negotiations. 

Please don’t allow us to be complicit in the next pandemic through bad trade deals. Protect our health and that of our planet by making it law that food that doesn’t meet our standards doesn’t end up on our shelves. As we begin to emerge from this global health crisis, we need to rebuild towards a safer and more resilient future. 

Kind Regards

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