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Earth Hour climate-friendly recipes

In support of Earth Hour, celebrity chefs including Raymond Blanc and Hugh-Fearnley Whittingstall have shared some climate-friendly recipes for you to try your hand at!

Tom Aikens

London-born Tom has been passionate about cooking since a very young age, constantly helping his mother out in the kitchen since he was 8.

He has opened a unique collection of brasserie-style restaurants in London & Birmingham called Tom's Kitchen. Focusing on comforting classics and seasonal specials, Tom’s Kitchen’s use the very best of British produce, working with passionate suppliers, farmers and chefs.

If you're looking for some comfort food made from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients this Earth Hour, have a go at Tom's Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding.

Jimmy Doherty

Suffolk-based farmer and TV presenter Jimmy Doherty is best known for his BBC Two series 'Jimmy's Farm', detailing the operations of his 100-acre farm, The Essex Pig Company.

He is passionate about sustainability, and incorporates this into his work, as his farm operates on free-range meat production practices.

In support of Earth Hour, Jimmy has rustled up a 3-course Sunday lunch menu, which is based on left overs to reduce the amount of food we waste, as intensive food production is a big contributor to climate change.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is a multi-award-winning writer and broadcaster widely known for his uncompromising commitment to seasonal, ethically produced food.

He has earned a huge following through his River Cottage TV series and books, as well as campaigns such as Hugh’s War on Waste, which tackles the growing issue of food waste in the UK.

To show his dedication to fighting food waste, Hugh has designed a deliciously creamy potato peel soup.

Don't knock it till you've tried it!

Recipe taken from River Cottage Love Your Leftovers, published by Bloomsbury, £20, Hardback

Photography © Simon Wheeler

Ching He Huang

Ching is an International Emmy nominated TV chef & cookery author who has become an ambassador of Chinese cooking around the world.

Her creative food ethos is to use fresh, organic and ethically sourced ingredients to create modern dishes with Chinese heritage, fusing tradition and innovation. She has recently pledged to use only cage-free eggs in her cooking, demonstrating her passion for sustainability.

Ching has designed a collection of 5 gorgeous Earth Hour recipes, so download and get cooking!

Mary McCartney

Mary is the daughter of musician Paul McCartney and photographer and meat-free food company founder, Linda McCartney. She has written two vegetarian cookbooks, Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking (2012) and At My Table: Vegetarian Feasts for Family and Friends (2015).

She defines her cooking style as low-fuss and taste-driven, as she focuses on easily accessible seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients to produce satisfying meals that are full of flavour. 

Mary McCartney is proud to support Earth Hour, as “The food we eat and the way it is grown and transported – has a huge impact on our planet. There are many things we can do to make that impact more positive: opting for local and seasonal foods, for instance, or eating less meat. A candlelit meal enjoyed during Earth Hour is a fantastic opportunity to consider some of these changes and of course, to really focus on the food you’re eating, and the loved ones you are sharing it with!”

Download Mary's delicious Moussaka recipe for a hearty Earth Hour treat with a low environmental footprint!

Frances Quinn

Frances Quinn is best known for winning the 4th series of TV cookery program, The Great British Bake Off in 2013, where she wowed judges with her creativity and flawless results. Creativity continues to be the driving force behind her work as a professional baker today, as her original and inspiring recipes capture the imaginations of people across the UK.

Have a go at baking her delicious Vegan Prune Panda Scones! 

Rachel de Thample

Rachel is Head of Fantastic Food at London-based food box delivery company Abel & Cole, and mother to one.

An author and recipe writer, Rachel is passionate about encouraging people to eat more fruit and veg with her simple formula: a piece of fruit in the morning, two pieces of veg for lunch, and another two for dinner.

Rachel is pleased to be supporting Earth Hour this year, saying that "It's a real pleasure to be able to support Earth Hour with a delicious menu illustrating WWF's Livewell principles. It's completely in sync with the way I like to eat, the focus being on local, seasonal fruit & veg."

Download her Japanese Feast menu, and get making this Earth Hour!


Having a healthy, sustainable diet isn’t difficult; just follow our six Livewell principles! It’s a balanced diet with room for indulgence. Some of our Earth Hour recipes are more indulgent than others, so keep the principles in mind when planning what to eat.

WWF and Sodexo are working together to create more sustainable menu choices. We’ve combined WWF’s LiveWell principles and Sodexo’s guidelines on health and nutrition to create a range of “Green & Lean” meals that are healthier and more sustainable.  

This Earth Hour, we’re sharing recipes for some of our delicious Green and Lean meals to help you create healthier and more sustainable meals at home.

Download our Hake & Leek Chowder, Saag Aloo with Roasted Gobi Curry, Tom Yum Yum Stew, Paprika Spiced Beans on Toast, and Roasted Beetroot & Quinoa with Mackerel and get cooking! 



Disclaimer: Excepting our Livewell image, all other images are property of the celebrity chefs, not WWF.