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If I adopt an animal, will I be the only person who adopts that animal?

Our adoptions are a figurative way for you to support WWF. This means everyone adopts the same animal or group of animals.

They're wild animals that we're usually able to monitor as part of an ongoing conservation project.

For example, all our tiger adopters have adopted the tigers of the Khata corridor. The money raised is used for tiger conservation work, including the conservation project in Khata.

This makes it easier for us to provide feedback on one or a small group of adopted animals, rather than many individual ones, and keeps our administration costs to a minimum, ensuring that more of our valuable funds are used for our conservation work.

Can I adopt an animal if I don’t live in the UK?

Yes, you can, but only by making a one-off payment as we can't set up a Direct Debit from an overseas account.  Just select the 'prefer a one-off payment' option shown underneath the Adopt Now button on the website and follow the instructions.  Make sure that you insert your country of origin from the drop down list in the 'Country' box when filling in your details.

Alternatively, we can set this up over the telephone. To do this, please call our Adoption and Membership team on +44 (0)844 736 0036 (8am to 10pm, 7 days a week).

We aim to dispatch your pack within three working days; for Europe, please allow 21 days for delivery; for the rest of the world 4-6 weeks.


How often will I receive updates about my adopted animal?

We will send you news about your adopted animal three times a year usually around February, June and October.

Your adoption news will include an update on your chosen animal; Wild World leaflet and Go Wild for juniors.

If you have a WWF membership, you’ll receive our Action magazine

If you don't receive your adoption updates, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 01483 426333 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) or e-mail us using our form.


Can I pay for an adoption with a one-off payment?

Yes, this option is available on our website.  Just select the 'prefer a one-off payment?' option in the adoption process. Alternatively, you can pay over the phone by calling the Adoption & Membership team on 0844 736 0036. Just have your credit/debit card details ready.


What animals do you have for adoption?

We have a number of different animals for adoption. Just visit our website here and choose which one you'd like to support.


How quickly will I receive my adoption pack?

Your pack will be dispatched within 3 working days from the date we receive your order. For UK delivery allow up to 10 working days for it to arrive (or 14 days if you ordered it directly from one of our fundraisers). For Europe, allow 21 working days and for the rest of the world 6 weeks.

If you've chosen Express delivery and ordered before 2pm Monday to Thursday, your pack should be dispatched on that day and should arrive the day after. If you live on an island or in the Highlands, your pack will still be dispatched that day, but it may take up to two days to arrive.

Please note, if you've purchased an animal adoption as a gift, you can choose for it to be sent directly to you or to the gift recipient. If you choose to have the gift sent directly to the recipient, you'll still receive a written confirmation of your purchase. This may arrive several days before the gift recipient’s pack arrives.

Adoption packs arrive in a small box and typically don't fit through a letter box. Royal Mail will endeavour to leave the pack with a neighbour, but if delivery cannot be made it'll be returned to your local sorting office and a calling card will be provided. After two weeks this will automatically be returned to us. If you haven’t received your animal adoption pack within the timescales outlined above, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 01483 426333 (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm) or by email.

When contacting us, please provide us with the following information which will enable us to track your order:
• your name and address
• gift recipient’s name and address (if applicable)
• type of animal you adopted (e.g. Tiger, Polar Bear etc.)


How can I find out more information about my adopted animal?

We'll send you updates about your adopted animal three times a year, usually in February, June and October.  But if you want to find out more information about your adopted animal (and other magnificent species) you can do so by visiting the Wildlife section of our website.


How is my adoption money spent?

The threats to these species can be direct like hunting or poaching or indirect like habitat loss or climate change. All these are important drivers behind the loss of the worlds biodiversity which could decline by 67% by 2020. In the last year, for every £1 raised through adoptions, 64p was spent on supporting our conservation work.


How can I renew my adoption?

It’s fantastic to hear that you’d like to renew your adoption! It's easy, just contact our Supporter Care Team on 01483 426333 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm) and press option 3. They can renew your animal adoption for you.  Just have your credit/debit card or bank details to hand.


Can I change the delivery address for my adoption pack after I’ve placed my order?

You can if you inform us within 12 hours of placing your order by calling our Supporter Care team on 01483 426333 (Monday to Friday 9am -5pm) and provide us with the change of address details. After this time, I’m afraid the adoption or membership pack will already be ready for dispatch and the delivery address cannot be changed.


What is your refund policy?

Under charity law, WWF-UK are not permitted to refund donations but understand there may be instances where it is necessary.  For example, if a duplicate adoption has been set-up in error or a credit/debit card has been used fraudulently.

As part of our Supporter Promise, we engage with supporters with empathy and understanding, developing lasting, loyal and trusted relationships.   So, if you do need to discuss your donation, give us a call on 01483 426333 – 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm – or e-mail us at  and our friendly Supporter Care team will be happy to have a chat, see what’s happened and do our best to resolve it for you.


An error has been made with my Direct Debit payment, can I receive a refund?

Under the Direct Debit guarantee, you are entitled to a full refund of the amount paid from your bank if an error is made with your Direct Debit.  You can make a Direct Debit Indemnity Claim directly with your bank who will immediately refund the amount directly back into your account.

If you think an error has been made, give us a call on 01483 426333 – 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm – or e-mail us at  and our friendly Supporter Care team will be happy to help you resolve this.