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Many of our laws protecting the environment currently come from the European Union. But with Brexit approaching, the UK government is rewriting lots of these.

This is a pivotal moment. Now is our chance to give nature a voice.

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Join the amazing supporters that have called on their MP to fight for nature by signing our Environment Charter. Ask your MP to make sure we get an Environment Act that restores UK nature.

Are you in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? While we're calling on all MPs to sign up to the Charter, and you can still email your MP below, the final Act will only apply to England. You can help us Fight for Welsh Nature here and Fight for Scottish Nature here!

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As your constituent, I am contacting you to ask you to fight for nature by signing up to the Environment Charter. You can read the charter below and can sign up by emailing and pledging your support. 

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As you may know, our wildlife populations in the UK are collapsing. Since 1970, 56% of species in the UK have declined. Numbers of hedgehogs, birds, butterflies and bees have plummeted and we are now one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. We need to act. 

A healthy and resilient environment is essential to everyone. We need clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, fertile soils to grow food in, healthy seas to fish in and a stable climate.

We have a once in a generation opportunity to create world-leading legislation that sets us on the path to restoring nature and improving our environment for generations to come, but we need your help. 

I want you to back a Westminster Environment Act that:

•    secures the recovery of nature and a healthy environment for the benefit of people and wildlife; 

•    sets ambitious legally binding targets to clean up our air, seas and rivers; return our soils to health; ensure resilient ecosystems on land and at sea; recover our native biodiversity; improve access to green space address climate change; and reduce waste;

•    creates nature recovery networks, mapped and delivered locally, to contribute  to delivering these targets, 

•    creates an independent watchdog with the powers to hold the UK Government and public bodies to account, underpinned by world leading environmental principles enshrined in law; 

•    reflects our commitment to reducing our global environmental footprint, and restoring nature overseas.

We need this Environment Act for England regardless of Brexit. By demonstrating leadership on the environment, the UK can drive ambition during the international UN talks in 2020 when global decisions on the future of biodiversity, oceans, sustainable development and climate will be made.

Greener UK, a coalition of 13 environmental organisations, is calling on Parliamentarians to support the Environment Charter and champion an ambitious Environment Act in Westminster. I urge you to sign up to this Charter and support the restoration of nature. Please email to add your support.

If you have already signed up to the Charter, thank you for fighting for nature. I would appreciate you also raising this issue with your party leader and letting them know about your support for the Charter.  


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Our Wildlife Needs Us

Our wildlife populations in the UK are collapsing.

Numbers of hedgehogs, birds, butterflies and bees have plummeted and we are now one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. Since the 1970s, 56% of wildlife in the UK has declined.

With many of our environmental legislation coming from the EU, the UK Government is currently making big decisions about how it will manage nature in England post-Brexit. This is a pivotal moment – and we need your MP’s support.

Email your MP now

Your MP can make the difference

The new Environment Act is being drafted right now. As an elected politician, your MP has real power to make sure it restores nature.

But they need to hear from us. It’s up to us all to speak up and give nature a voice.

Tell your MP to support our Environment Charter. We need the new Environment Act, when it becomes law, to contain legally binding targets, so that whoever is in power continues to fight for our nature.

And we need the Act to create an independent watchdog, to hold the UK government – both now and in the future – properly to account.