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We desperately need a new global deal for nature and people – but it starts at home. By restoring nature across the UK, we can show global leadership.

As we prepare to leave the EU, now is a pivotal moment to give our nature a voice

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Join the thousands of supporters that have called on their MP to fight for nature. Ask your MP to make sure nature in the UK is restored to its glorious best.

Are you in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? You can help us Fight for Welsh Nature here and Fight for Scottish Nature here!

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I am contacting you at what I know is a politically challenging time, and I appreciate you will have a lot on your agenda. However, I feel it is vital that nature is not forgotten at this pivotal time.

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The restoration of nature – in the UK and abroad – is an urgent issue, and one that I strongly believe can bring our country together. By restoring nature at home, we can not only enrich our own lives, but set an example to the world; showing the global leadership that is desperately needed to drive a new, global deal for nature and people.

Wildlife populations around the world are being decimated. And it starts right here at home – nature in our own back gardens is suffering the same fate. Since 1970, 56% of species in the UK have declined and we’re one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world; ranking only 189th out of 218 in the global league table for nature.

But now is a critical chance to change this. As we prepare to leave the EU, the Agriculture Bill, Fisheries Bill and Environment Bill give us a once in a generation opportunity to create bespoke, world-leading legislation that makes farming and fishing more sustainable, and sets us on the path to restoring nature and improving our environment for generations to come. Nature provides our life-support system, and we cannot survive without it.

There is an exciting opportunity for the UK to lead this from the front. By coming together at this divided time, we can clean up the air that our children breathe, revive the health of our seas, and restore our fertile soils. We can protect our precious parks and woodlands and increase the abundance of our wildlife – resuscitating our populations of hedgehogs, birds and bees.

The draft Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill, announced in December, is a once in a generation opportunity to set us on a path to restoring nature, and is currently undergoing pre-legislative scrutiny. I urge you to seize this opportunity to engage and improve this bill and not let nature get left behind.

Kind regards,

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Our Wildlife Needs Us

Wildlife populations are collapsing around the world. But the nature in our own back gardens is suffering the same fate. We’re one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world.

Our landscapes are becoming lifeless. We’re losing our hedgerows and wildflower meadows, pesticides are killing our insect populations, and intensive agriculture is creating mile after mile of desolate farmland.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By introducing a world-leading Environment Act for England – and taking equivalent action in Wales and Scotland too – nature in the UK can be restored to its glorious best. We need to act now. 

Email your MP now

Your MP can make the difference

As we prepare to leave the EU, we face a choice. With many of our environmental laws being rewritten, it’s a pivotal moment. We need ambitious action to transform our increasingly bare landscapes into the thriving habitats we need.

As an elected politician, your MP has real power to make sure we restore nature in the UK and set an example to the world. But with so much else going on, they need to hear from us. It’s up to us all to speak up and give nature a voice.

By acting now, we can take the lead on a world stage and drive a new, global deal for nature and people. Can we afford to let that pass? It’s time to make a choice.