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We'll keep protecting wildlife, forests and oceans from poaching, destruction and climate change, but we need help. Could that be your legacy?

Our incredible planet and its beautiful wildlife are in serious danger – which means our work is more vital than ever.

A gift in your Will can help us tackle environmental threats, and help protect our wonderful world.


How gifts in wills help

We couldn't do what we do without the support of people who leave us a legacy – in fact, gifts in wills make up about a fifth of all our donated income. They've helped us:

If you’d like to speak to someone at WWF-UK about leaving a gift, please email, or phone 01483 412459.

Email us

Our promises to you

We’ve created a legacy charter containing the promises we make to everyone who chooses to leave a donation to us in their will:

  • We respect your privacy, so you can choose whether or not to tell us you’ve left us a gift in your will
  • We recognise that your loved ones come first
  • We give you time, with this big decision, to make up your own mind
  • We will use your gift carefully and wisely to help protect the future of our incredible planet
  • We will keep you informed about our work and what gifts in wills help us to achieve

More information

To see how a gift in your will could help our planet in the future:

To speak to someone here about making or updating your will, call Maria Dyson on 01483 412459, or email


Executing a Will

Supporting WWF is my way of giving something back. Our world is so beautiful and precious, but it needs WWF to be there to help protect and safeguard it.

Valerie Stupple, WWF supporter

"I initially started supporting WWF because of my love of animals, but it didn’t take me long to realise that giving to WWF meant even more than saving the panda or tiger. It was about protecting the natural world and making sure we care for it so that everyone could benefit, now and in the future.

"WWF understands the delicate balance between wildlife, the environment and local communities, and their focus remains on helping people live in harmony with nature.

"It’s why I think they're an important organisation for each and every one of us, and that’s why I’ve left them a gift in my will.”