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Penguins and Polar Bears Live Lesson

Register your class for a free live lesson to learn more about how penguins and polar bears are perfectly adapted to their polar environments. For primary school students.

Polar bear with paw out

We apologise for the inconvenience

Due to the level of demand, we have temporarily paused all future bookings for this live lesson. We'll be scheduling in more dates for schools over the coming months and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Pupils can take on the role of polar explorers and discover a world where temperatures fall far below freezing. They’ll find out how penguins and polar bears are perfectly adapted to their polar environments and learn about threats such as climate change and overfishing which are negatively impacting the polar regions.

  • Dates: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (subject to availability)
  • Lesson duration: 45 Min
  • Venue: Virtually; using Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Cost: FREE

Penguins and Polar Bears: Learning Objectives

  • Be able to locate the Arctic and Antarctic and recall some of the species that live there;
  • Recall some of the adaptations of penguins and polar bears;
  • Understand some of the current threats facing polar species; and
  • Understand some of the ways individuals and schools can act to protect our planet against climate change and biodiversity loss.

Curriculum links Key Stage 2 / Second Level:

  • England: Science: Living things and their habitats; Animals including humansGeography: Human and Physical geography
  • Scotland: Sciences: Planet Earth; Biodiversity and interdependence; Topical ScienceSocial Studies: People, place and environment
  • Northern Ireland: The World Around Us: Interdependence; Place; Change over time
  • Wales: Geography: Locating places, environments and patterns; Understanding places, environments and processes / Science: Interdependence of organisms

Supporting resources: