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Threats to Nature Live Lesson

Register your class for a free live lesson to learn more about the threats to wildlife from illegal trade. For KS3 students.

A tranquillised black rhino bing airlifted

Illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade are major threats to many of the world's species and it’s one of the most important and urgent parts of our work at WWF. Find out more about the threats to wildlife from illegal trade and to explore some of the solutions to help fight it.

  • Dates: 1st - 12th February 2021 (subject to availability)
  • Lesson duration: 30 Min
  • Venue: Virtually; using Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Cost: FREE

Threats to Nature: Learning Objectives

  • Understand what is meant by illegal wildlife trade, where in the world it is happening, and which species are threatened;
  • Recall some of the solutions to help fight illegal wildlife trade; and
  • Recall facts about some of the planet’s most endangered species.

Curriculum links Key Stage 3 / Third Level:

  • England: Geography: Locational knowledge; Place knowledge; Human and Physical geography
  • Scotland: Social Studies: People, place and environment
  • Northern Ireland: Environment and Society: Geography, Knowledge, Understanding and Skills; Contributors to society; Contributors to the economy and the environmentScience and Technology: Organisms and Health; Contributors to the economy and the environment
  • Wales: Geography: Locating places, environments and patterns; Understanding places, environment and processes / Science: Interdependence of organisms

Supporting resources:

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