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Our Planet

WWF’s Living Planet Report 2018 revealed the scale of human impact on our precious natural world. The Our Planet series, now streaming on Netflix, shows the awesome splendour of the natural wonders that we risk losing, but also carries a message of hope: we can still save our planet if we act now.

Engaging activities for youth groups and their leaders

We'll shortly be releasing specially designed activities to support Netflix's Our Planet series. It will include a suite of new leader notes and activities that your members will just love. Activities available 6 May 2019!

WWF Green Ambassador Scouts and Guides

Resources for Youth Groups

To support this eight-part documentary, WWF has created a wealth of free materials to inspire youth groups and young people to explore the Earth’s major biomes and the challenges they face. It's not necessary to have watched the series to be able to use the following resources.

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