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There are thought to be fewer than 30 left of the smallest cetacean in the world – the vaquita, which lives only in the Gulf of California, a World Heritage site in Mexico. 90 per cent of the vaquita’s population has been lost since 2011, largely because of the use of gillnets, which trap and drown these little porpoises.

On 7 June the Government of Mexico, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and the Carlos Slim Foundation signed an agreement which set out emergency actions to protect the remaining vaquitas, including a permanent ban on gillnets in vaquita habitat, as well as the development of new fishing gear and techniques to allow local communities to fish legally and sustainably.

200,000 WWF supporters have already joined us in calling for this vital action to save the vaquita, so THANK YOU. We’ll be wholeheartedly supporting these first steps, and continuing to push for additional measures to ensure the vaquita’s survival.

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