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Lang Banks, Director

Lang's main roles are to represent WWF Scotland to Ministers and the media, to set the strategic direction of WWF in Scotland and to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. As well as regular liaison with colleagues in WWF-UK Lang is also active within WWF's international network, regularly advising on communications and campaigns.

Follow Lang on Twitter: @LangBanks
David Downie, Head of Resources

David makes sure that the office runs efficiently and effectively. He is responsible for all our finances, human resources and environmental measuring. David has overall responsibility for all resources within WWF Scotland.
Lexi Parfitt, Head of Communications

Lexi is responsible for managing all communications from WWF Scotland.
Dr Sam Gardner, Head of Policy

Sam is responsible for overseeing the design and promotion of our priority policy areas of climate, energy and marine governance to decision makers and key stakeholders.
Gina Hanrahan, Climate and Energy Policy Officer

Gina works on issues relating to climate change and energy. She principally works to ensure that the Scottish Climate Change Act is delivered and on Scotland’s transition to renewable energy.
Robin Parker, Public Affairs Manager

Robin spends a large part of his time in the Scottish Parliament talking to and briefing politicians. When key pieces of legislation are passed or when environmental or climate issues are debated, Robin is there to make sure that WWF's messages are heard.
Lisa Ostenson, Fundraising & Partnership Manager

Lisa works to raise funds for our programme of work in Scotland for businesses, trusts and statutory sources.

She also works with these audiences to gain non-financial support, where appropriate.
Mandy Carter, Media & Communications Manager

Mandy deals with all press enquiries, radio and TV stations and all press releases. She also manages our Facebook and Twitter channels. Her aim is to achieve a higher public profile and understanding for our work in Scotland.
John Taylor, Resources Co-ordinator

John ensures that all our budgets are contracts are handled correctly. He is also responsible for all our IT projects and support in Scotland. John also gives the whole team administrative support including travel, environmental managment systems and reception duties.
Helen McLachlan, UK Programme Manager – Fisheries

Helen works principally on issues releated to UK fisheries, but also contributes to all marine matters related to Scotland and the UK.
Dr Mireille Thom WWF-UK Marine Policy Specialist – International fisheries

Mireille works on improving international fisheries governance through advocacy with UK and EU authorities