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Anne Meikle, Head of WWF Cymru

Anne leads the team and represents WWF Cymru in the media and with our partners in Wales. Supported by Wales and UK staff, she seeks to influence decision-makers on issues such as marine legislation, sustainable development and climate change.
Jessica McQuade, Policy and Advocacy Officer

Jess' role within the team is to develop and advocate WWF Cymru's policy positions to key audiences in Wales. Jess is the main point of contact with civil servants in the Welsh Assembly, its agencies and partners, and works to promote WWF's position on legislation and policy affecting the environment.
Richard Nosworthy, Communications Manager

Richard oversees WWF Cymru's communications work in Wales. He identifies and coordinates activities that aim to secure the highest favourable brand profile for WWF amongst its key target audiences in Wales. He leads WWF Cymru's campaigning work which includes organising a range of media and consumer friendly activities.
Louise Clarke, Team Co-ordinator

Louise co-ordinates the plans and activities of the WWF Cymru team, and provides financial and administrative support together with general office management services.