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Save energy, save the planet

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Wasting energy means more of it has to be produced, and burning fossil fuels is a major source of carbon dioxide (CO2) making climate change worse. But you can make some easy changes at home to make a difference.

Tip 1 - Pull the plug
One easy thing to do is to turn off TVs, DVD players, chargers, speakers and computers when you’re not using them.

Tip 2 – Turn off lights
Did you know lighting accounts for up to 15% of your electricity bill? To save energy you can turn off your lights when you don’t need them, and use LED energy-efficient light bulbs.

Tip 3 - Use water wisely
There’s a lot of energy used to purify and distribute water to our homes – so saving water can lower greenhouse gas emissions. You can do things like only filling your kettle with what you need, reducing your shower time, not keeping water running.

Tip 4 – Take control
More than half of home energy bills goes towards heating and hot water. So use your thermostats, controls and timers to make sure you don't waste energy and money.

Tip 5 - Get smart
You can check your bill/tariff and switch to using 100% renewable energy sources. Getting a smart meter shows you what energy you're using and on what.