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Our petition has now closed, but you can still take action to support ocean recovery by becoming an Ocean Hero and taking action in your own life that will make a difference to the health of UK seas.


The UK seas are an incredible, dynamic ecosystem, that provide thousands of jobs, a sustainable supply of food, thriving communities, clean energy, awe-inspiring nature and so much more.

The ocean has absorbed over 90% of heat and almost a third of all carbon dioxide that humans have ever produced. Here in the UK, our coastal ecosystems are an unsung hero in the climate and nature recovery.

What's the problem?

Right now, our once-powerful seas are being forgotten and are becoming fragile. The more carbon dioxide the ocean absorbs, the more acidic it becomes. Add to that over-fishing, pollution, coastal development and rising temperatures; the ocean is in crisis.

Current laws are failing to protect UK seas, and they are in serious trouble. In fact less than 1% of UK seas are properly protected. The ocean can be a hero, but only if we allow it to be.

What’s the solution?

We need the next 10 years to be the turning point for our ocean, or we risk destroying them. We need the Government to commit this year to a 10-year strategy that will halt the devastating decline of ocean health, maximise the potential of the ocean as a climate hero and set our ocean on the path to recovery.