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Our ocean is the beating blue heart of our planet and the largest habitat on earth. In the race to tackle climate change, the ocean is one of our best solutions and our greatest hope.

But right now our ocean is in crisis. Overfishing, huge levels of pollution, rising temperatures and coastal development have left our ocean on the brink of disaster.

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Our Blue Planet

The reason our planet looks blue from space is because so much of it is ocean- it covers 70% of the earth's surface.

Our ocean is the foundation of our world - home to more than half of all life on earth today. It provides food to billions and jobs to millions.

In the race to tackle the climate and nature emergency, the ocean is our greatest hope. It absorbs over 90% of heat and almost a third of all carbon dioxide that humans have ever produced. It even provides the air we breathe - every second breath we take comes from our ocean.

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Our Ocean In Crisis

Right now, our once-powerful seas are being forgotten and are becoming fragile. Over-fishing, pollution, coastal development and rising temperatures have left UK seas on the brink of disaster.

Over 12 years ago the UK government promised us healthy seas by the end of 2020. We still aren't even close to achieving our goal - we must act now to protect and restore our ocean.

Dive into Our Ocean

Dive into Our Ocean

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WWF's Value of Restored UK Seas Report outlines the incredible impact UK seas could have in our fight against climate change, and the significant benefits ocean restoration could bring to our economy.