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16 February 2021

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WWF enlists Sir David Attenborough as first guest in new podcast series hosted by actor and broadcaster Cel Spellman

Scientists predict we may have as little as eight years left to reverse the climate crisis and repair our relationship with the natural world. Through youth-led environmental movements and 2020 forcing us all to stop and reconnect with nature, there is hope that we can turn things around in time. Call of the Wild, the brand new podcast from WWF, looks at how we do just that.

Launching  tomorrow (Wednesday 17th February) with the trailer available today, Call of the Wild is hosted by actor and broadcaster Cel Spellman and explores all areas of the environmental conversation, helping to inspire the next generation of changemakers. Talking to famous faces about their lifestyle choices and top environmental experts who'll break down the latest environmental news, the podcast looks at how we can all chip in and be the change we need to see, giving our planet and its species the space and time needed to recover and flourish. From changes we can make in our own lives, to learning about the bigger solutions we need to see from businesses and policy makers, Call of the Wild explores it all.

Since 1970, the size of our planet's wildlife populations have plummeted by 68% in size on average. If we carry on as we have done, much of the damage to our natural world will be irreversible. But while the stats and facts are sometimes terrifying, the conversation isn't all doom and gloom. Which is why for episode one of this brand-new podcast, there is only one person that could be interviewed - Sir David Attenborough. In an episode filled with inspirational anecdotes, tips on how we turn things around and stories from a life dedicated to exploring life on our planet, Sir David's message is simple - there is hope and we have the solutions.

"40, 50 years ago there was a real chance that whales might have been exterminated because we had such powerful ways of killing them. Until suddenly, a number of people were saying "if we don't stop this, there will be no more whales in the sea." Now, there are more whales than have been in the sea for a century. [It's] people power, but also the fantastic, powerful regeneration that nature has."  Sir David Attenborough

In future episodes, Cel Spellman will be joined by a new guest every, talking about a different area of the environmental conversation including: the impact of travel on our climate, plastics in our oceans, food and deforestation, water and fast fashion, nature and rewilding. Each guest will feature on a bonus episode that looks at why they're dedicated to the cause.

As a proud WWF ambassador who has worked with the organisation for over ten years, Cel Spellman believes this podcast couldn't come at a better time.  He said: "Growing up, I was always fascinated by the natural world and its wildlife. So this podcast stemmed out of my frustration and awareness that through my entire life, we have been, and still are, destroying the planet and in turn ourselves. Conversation, education, awareness and storytelling play a crucial role in re-addressing our relationship with nature and in the fight against Climate Change. This is why I'm so excited to get talking to fascinating people and top environmental experts in a simple, clear, honest way, highlighting some of the issues we face while also learning about the tangible things we can all do to have a positive impact on our planet, wildlife and future. I’m over the moon to announce that my first guest is one of my heroes, Sir David Attenborough! The man who has given a voice to nature like no other.”

The first episode of Call of the Wild with Cel Spellman and WWF launches on Wednesday 17th February, available on all podcast providers. Subscribe now.