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Over the last decade, forests like the Amazon have been lost at a devastating rate. In fact, our new report shows that in 24 deforestation hotspots, an area almost twice the size of the UK has been destroyed - in just 13 years 

This is devastating indigenous peoples and local communities, killing wildlife and making the climate crisis worse. And we know that some products sold in the UK are fuelling this destruction.   

But we can make sure the next decade is different. Together, we can turn things around.  

As we start 2021, new laws are going through the UK Parliament that could be a huge step forward in restoring nature, and protecting forests and other amazing habitats – here at home and around the world. If we get these laws right, we can make sure UK products are forest and nature friendly. But these laws need to be much stronger than what’s been proposed so far 

And you can help. 

Your local MP can make the difference. Enter your details to send an email to your MP, asking them to speak up in the parliamentary debate in the coming weeks, and urge the Government to raise their ambition. 

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In the last few months, nearly 60,000 of you responded to a consultation from the UK Government, calling on them to bring in new laws that would stop products linked to the destruction of nature being imported to the UK and sold on our shelves.

In response, the Government has set out what they intend to do about it in the Environment Bill. This is an important first step, but it isn’t enough. As they stand, the proposed new laws would make us completely reliant on local laws and law enforcement, which we know may be weakened in the future. This could be damaging for local wildlife and people, and our climate.

As the Environment Bill is discussed in the coming weeks, every one of our politicians will have the chance to speak up for our forests and demand more ambitious action from our Government – including your local MP. We need politicians from every party to raise this issue in Parliament and help us put an end to our role in the continued destruction of nature for good.

Join the amazing supporters who have taken action so far: help us get to 5,000!

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Dear MP

Nature is in freefall and we are losing vital forests and habitats at an alarming rate.

The global pandemic has put a spotlight on our relationship with nature. WWF’s 2020 Living Planet Report showed an average of 68% decline in the populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fish since 1970. Last year, fires tore through the Amazon, devastating local communities, killing wildlife and leading to serious breaches of human rights. A healthy Amazon is critical in the fight against climate change and some scientists estimate that the Amazon could collapse if we lose just 5% more of it. Recently I have been shocked to learn that the things I buy here in the UK could be playing a role in these fires and I’m sure you share my concern.

However, I am also encouraged to hear that we have a unique chance to change this, through the UK Government’s landmark Environment Bill. This Bill is a once in a generation opportunity to set nature on the path to recovery, as it sets targets to restore nature and build strong institutions to uphold tough environmental laws. As your constituent, I am getting in touch to urge you to help strengthen the current proposals, by speaking up in the upcoming Report Stage debate on the Environment Bill.

In order to achieve the Government’s ambition for the Bill we need world-leading laws that end all deforestation and habitat conversion in products sold in the UK. I understand that the Government has put forward new measures to tackle deforestation which is welcome but that current proposals are only a first step towards doing this. I would urge you to read WWF’s parliamentary briefing to understand how these proposals can be strengthened, and Greener UK’s briefings explaining how MPs can improve other parts of the Bill that are also important for making this a world-leading piece of legislation - in particular supporting New Clause 5 to establish a target to halt and begin to reverse the decline in the state of nature, and Amendment 23 to ensure the full independence of the Office for Environmental Protection from ministerial control.

As my representative in Parliament, I am asking you to raise this at the Report Stage debate, expected in the next few weeks, specifically calling for the Environment Bill to include:

  • A legally binding deforestation and conversion-free target for high-risk commodities, requiring that by 2023 UK supply chains are deforestation and conversion-free.
  • A target to halve the UKs global footprint by 2030.
  • A mandatory due diligence obligation on businesses which applies to all deforestation and habitat conversion, as well as associated adverse human rights impacts.

If left unchecked, global forests and habitats, such as the Amazon, will reach a tipping point which could have huge implications for the rest of the world. And with less than a year to go until COP26, the UK Government has a real opportunity to show world-leadership in addressing the climate and nature crisis.

Yours sincerely, 

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