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The Time Is Now: a mass lobby for climate, nature and people

On Wednesday 26th June, join thousands of people in Westminster to tell MPs the time is now for action.

Everything you need to know
London Climate March

Our world is under threat like never before. Climate change is the greatest environmental crisis the world has ever faced, while global wildlife populations have plummeted by 60% in the past 40 years. 

We are the last generation that can stop devastating climate change and set nature on the path to recovery. We have the solutions, but we need to show there’s the will. Together, our voices are powerful. 

We must tell our leaders: the time is now. 



On Wednesday June 26th, thousands of us from every corner of Britain will take our message straight to Parliament in what we hope will be the largest mass lobby for climate and nature that the UK has ever seen. It’ll all kick off at 1pm. We’ll snake round Westminster, organised town by town, village by village, and we’ll each meet our local MP to tell them that we want action! 

Sign up with your details and join us in the fight for your world. We need people from every constituency in the country to turn up and we’ll use your postcode to show how many people are coming from your area.


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What's a mass lobby?

A mass lobby is when a large number of people meet with their MP's at Westminster. It's a chance to show our politicians how important an issue is to us and to make our collective voice heard. 

This mass lobby will see hundreds of organisations and their supporters from all around the country come together. From surfers to scientists, bird watchers to doctors, everyone has a stake in the state of our environment. 


Why now?

This summer is a pivotal moment. The government will decide whether to end the UK’s contribution to climate change by committing to an ambitious net zero emissions target. And they will have a once in a generation chance to end nature’s decline by committing to an ambitious Environment Bill for England. Now is the time to push for bold action. 

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