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Last year saw Coca-Cola committed €1 million to Arctic Home, which supported essential research into the Last Ice Area, and helped to fund the 2013 International Polar Bear Conservation Forum. This summit brought together government representatives from the five polar bear range states where they were able to agree on how best to protect the future of the polar bear in the face of new threats.

Now in its second year - Arctic Home is active in seven countries across Europe. It focuses on the female polar bear as she embarks on a long and challenging journey across the melting sea ice in order to find a safe maternity den site to give birth to - and raise - her cubs.

We're encouraging everyone to donate to the campaign and help us achieve even more - just visit For every pound donated this year, Coca-Cola will match it.

Our Conservation Director Glyn Davies says 'Arctic Home is now entering its second year, and WWF and Coca-Cola want to re-energise the campaign and reconnect with audiences across Europe, to make them aware of the struggle faced by polar bears, and help create a positive future for polar bear mothers and their families.

Climate change is having extreme impacts on the Arctic, which is warming at twice the global average. To safeguard the species, therefore, we need to learn more about climate change impacts, and how polar bears' habitat is changing as a result. All funds raised through the WWF and Coca-Cola Arctic Home programme will be put directly towards WWF's Arctic conservation work.'

Why we're doing it

As a result of climate change, the sea ice is now forming later in the Autumn, resulting in pregnant bears being faced with new and difficult choices, such as having to enter the maternity dens earlier, and being forced to swim vast distances to reach land. As the sea ice melts faster, further, and earlier each year, the polar bear mum also finds herself with less time to feed in order to put on critical weight and to teach her cubs key skills to survive in the Arctic.

Recent data supports that if current levels of greenhouse gases do not decrease, there'll be almost no summer sea ice cover left in the Arctic in the next few decades. As it stands over 60% of the UK are unaware of just how rapidly the sea ice is melting, and only 10% knew that the sea ice has decreased by a staggering 3.5 million K2 in the last 35 years. This is why projects like Arctic Home are so important in order to raise awareness of such issues and drive donations to help protect polar bears and their habitat.

Fundraising in Year 2 will contribute directly towards the following six areas:

  • Tracking polar bear mothers
  • Monitoring polar bear den sites
  • Mapping polar bears' future habitat
  • Co-exciting in the Arctic
  • Educating on threats from industry
  • Preserving the Arctic food chain

Find out more

If you would like to contribute to the work that Arctic Home are doing this year, and learn more about the campaign, then visit Donate now to Arctic Home and Coca-Cola will match your donation up to €1 million.