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09 August 2018



Responding to the news that Invercharron Highland Games in Bonar Bridge has been cancelled due to the recent hot weather [1]  Dr Sam Gardner, Acting Director of WWF Scotland said:


“While it’s not unusual for Highland Games and other outdoor events to be cancelled because of rain, it is very unusual for them to be called off due to hot weather. We have seen the devastating impacts of a runaway heatwave in many parts of the world this summer, and Scotland’s own very dry weather has started to bring home the reality of climate change. If we don’t get global temperature rises under control, many aspects of our lives we enjoy and look forward to will be under threat.


“Scotland has a great opportunity to continue to show leadership when it comes to climate change by ensuring the Climate Change Bill includes a target to end our contribution to carbon emissions by 2050.  The urgency of this was made clear only this week with the publication of a new report which found that the earth may be decades away from a climatic tipping point that triggers runaway global warming [2] – we must grasp the opportunity to act now.”


Notes to Editors:


[1]  BBC Scotland article


[2] Planet at risk of heading towards “Hothouse Earth” state


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