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Is Europe Ready To Lead On International Fisheries Governance?

WWF commissioned this report to assess whether Europe is ready to lead on international fisheries governance.

In a context where world fisheries are severely threatened by overfishing, illegal activities and environmental damage, and where sustainability is directly linked in some regions to food security, there is an urgent need for leadership towards good governance of international fisheries.

Given Europe’s position as a leading maritime power, together with its commitments on sustainable development and ambition to lead on ocean governance, of which fisheries is a core component, the question is whether it is well placed for this task.

The report concludes that, while the EU is potentially better placed than most, it needs to adhere more closely to its obligations under the Common Fisheries Policy and on sustainable development if it is to deliver on its ambition. However, this will also require greater involvement from other relevant authorities and actors around the globe.

WWF is prepared to work with the EU and all other stakeholders in Europe and beyond to help deliver sustainable and equitable international fisheries governance.

Download the full report (PDF)

Download WWF's executive summary and recommendations (PDF)

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