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With 1 in 6 species at risk of extinction due to climate change, this Earth Hour we want you to help #MakeClimateMatter by highlighting some of the amazing species that are under threat. We've selected three of our favourites - sea turtles, elephants and polar bears - for you to create any way that you want!

Whether you draw, knit, paint, sew or felt, we want you to craft your chosen animal and share it with #MakeClimateMatter to spread the word about the plight of these species. We’ve given you some ideas below to get you started, but the possibilities are endless!


Sea turtles

How sea turtles are affected by climate change

  • Climate change could mean there are more female turtles than male! Higher sand temperatures on nesting beaches produce more females and cooler sand temperatures produce more males.
  • Warmer nest temperatures are not only predicted to bias sex ratios but produce smaller and weaker hatchlings less likely to survive.
  • Warming temperatures are reducing the amount of food available for turtles in seagrass beds.
  • It's projected that coral reefs, a vital habitat for hawksbill turtles to feed and rest, could disappear by 2050 because of climate change.

If you want to tell the world that sea turtles matter, use the ideas below or one of your own to craft a sea turtle and post your creation to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MakeClimateMatter.

Crafting ideas

If you want to tell the world that sea turtles matter, use the ideas below or one of your own to craft a sea turtle and post your creation to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MakeClimateMatter.

Crochet sea turtles

Crochet turtles
If you have the skills to crochet then create your own cuddly sea turtle designed by Larah Uyeda, or if you’d like to try a simpler applique pattern Kirstin Jacobs offers a great alternative for beginners.


Paper plate sea turtles

Paper plate turtles
These paper plate crafts are simple and easy to do, making them great for kids. Why not try using tissue paper to create the turtles shell as shown over at The Adventure Starts Here, or for older kids you can download a sea turtle template from Sea Turtle Inc that can be personalised however you like.


Origami sea turtles

Origami turtles
Check out this simple marine turtle folding tutorial at our origami animal database.


Cross stitch sea turtles

Cross stitch sea turtles
Create this adorable cartoon cross stitch turtle using a free pattern available from Un Jour Une Grille.


Egg carton sea turtles

Egg carton sea turtles
Recycle old egg cartons to create these adorable googly-eyed turtles. A free downloadable template is available from Emma Owl.




How elephants are affected by climate change

  • These large animals require 150-300 litres of water to drink each day. This means they are sensitive to increased periods of drought.
  • Asian elephant mortality rates have doubled due to changes in rainfall and monsoon patterns, and these changes are predicted to continue – and get worse – in the future.
  • High temperatures can increase an elephant's risk of death from infection and heatstroke.
  • Elephants need to eat large amounts of plant matter, so are sensitive to the changing availability of food caused by extreme weather events.

If you want to tell the world that elephants matter, use the ideas below or one of your own to craft an elephant and post your creation to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MakeClimateMatter.

Crafting ideas

Paper plate craft elephants

Elephant paper plate crafts
Crafty Morning has a tutorial for some very simple but effective elephants made from just paper plates, paint and some paper, but for something more ambitious you could try the googly eyed elephant mask from First Palette.


Knitted elephants

Knit elephants
Skilled knitters could have a go at this sweet elephant toy from Womans Day, or create a matching mother and baby by replicating different sizes of the free pattern at Phila Craft.


Origami elephants

Origami elephants
One for the brave, we have a challenging paper folding tutorial for an elephant on our origami animal database.


Hand print elephants

Elephant hand print painting
Kids who like getting messy fingers will love trying this elephant hand print art. These lovely examples come from The Wonderful Life of the Parkers and Handprint Creations.


Simple sew felt elephant

Felt elephant
The perfect project if you’re a complete sewing beginner, this simple felt elephant was created by Loopy Jess and the pattern can be found at Quex.


Loo roll tube elephant

Loo roll tube elephant
Another crafty recycling idea, the tutorial for this loo roll elephant can be found at Papelisimo.


Elephant lanterns

Elephant lantern
Mudpie Fridays has developed these special Earth Hour elephant lanterns for you to use when you switch off the lights on 25th March.


Polar bears

Polar bear


How polar bears are affected by climate change

  • Changes to sea temperatures due to climate change is causing sea ice to form later and melt earlier in the year, isolating polar bears from each other and restricting their ability to find food and mates.
  • While polar bear numbers remain good now, this could quickly change if we can’t reduce climate change. By 2050, polar bear numbers may decline by 30% due to the rapid loss of sea ice.
  • The polar bear's main prey - Arctic seals - are also threatened by sea ice loss. They rely on the ice to rest, moult and raise their young.
  • Melting sea ice is causing polar bears to travel further to find prey, spend more time on land than on the sea ice, and use more of their vital energy stores - which is impacting reproduction and survival rates.

If you want to tell the world that polar bears matter, use the ideas below or one of your own to craft a polar bear and post your creation to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #MakeClimateMatter.

Crafting ideas

Paper plate polar bears

Paper plate polar bears
Cotton wool or white tissue paper make perfect subsitutes for a polar bears thick fur! Create these cotton wool bears from DLTK Kids and Artsy Momma, or if you prefer to be the polar bear yourself try the mask over at I Heart Crafty Things.


Crochet polar bears

Crochet polar bear
This cute polar bear toy can be created (with or without scarf!) by using the pattern over at Amour Fou.


Origami polar bears

Origami polar bear
Like a challenge? Why not have a go at our ambitious folding method to create an origami polar bear.


Loo roll tube craft polar bears

Polar bear loo roll craft
Another simple but effective craft, find the tutorial and free pattern for this loo roll tube polar bear at Crafts by Amanda.


Simple sew brooch polar bears

Polar bear brooch
For a fun, wearable idea try Nuno Runo’s straightforward polar bear brooch tutorial.


Handprint painting polar bears

Polar bear handprint art
As well as making polar bears, this handprint art can be a sweet memento of your child’s hand print for years to come. Try these ideas from Love to Sew and Celebrations.


Finger puppet polar bears

Polar bear finger puppet
For a more interactive craft try making this finger puppet from I Heart Crafty Things.


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