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The Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge integrates into the education curriculum and the school year, covering subjects such as geography, citizenship, science and numeracy, and will encourage schools to measure current energy use habits as well as offer guidance in how to address them. Prizes will be given to students who do well throughout the challenge with the team that has made the biggest and most positive impact on the environment at the end of the year getting the opportunity to present their ideas to key political decision makers, and have the experience captured by a Sky film crew.

Teacher, Polly Shoebridge at Lampton School, said of the project: When we found out about the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge we jumped at the chance to be involved. The initiative is incredibly interactive and really gets the students engaged - the environment is a topic they all feel very passionate about, and the project enables students to become more aware of the issues surrounding climate change."

More than 800 schools in the UK and the Republic of Ireland have already pre-registered for the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge but it's not too late for more schools to sign up at The interactive website has a private portal for each school team to upload their progress and help them to discover how we are connected to the rainforests through the food we eat, the things we buy, and the energy we use.

"Every minute of every day, an area larger than three football pitches is lost from the Amazon rainforest. It's a bit scary to think about, but there are practical ways in which schools can help. We always encourage people to take easy steps to help the environment and having worked with schools for years, we're confident that the children who are involved now, will be better equipped to create a sustainable future. One with thriving, valued rainforests," said Trewin Restorick, CEO of Global Action Plan.

Using an array of teaching resources and interactive learning tools through the web-based programme, teachers will be able to help their pupils come up with a practical plan of action tailored to their school. At the end of the first challenge year, which will finish in June 2011, each team will not only receive feedback from the Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge team on how 'rainforest-friendly' they've become, but also qualify for the grand prize.

By participating in Sky's Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge each school team will score points for the depth and quality of their action reports, creativity of ideas, sustainability of changes, evidence of parent and wider community involvement and environmental improvement. Each week, the team with the most points will receive a Flip Video Camcorder. At the end of the school year and the challenge, the best team from each UK country and the Republic of Ireland will win their school £1,000 or 1,150 Euros for the Republic of Ireland.

To get involved...

The Sky Rainforest Rescue Schools Challenge is part of Sky and WWF's three year campaign to help save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest, and tackle climate change, through Sky Rainforest Rescue


For further information, high resolution images, top ten amazing Amazon fact sheet or comment please contact:
Global Action Plan press office on: 020 7632 2400 /
Sky Press Office on 020 7705 3191 /
WWF press office on 01483 412383 /

About Global Action Plan

Global Action Plan is an environmental charity that targets businesses, schools, and communities, helping them reduce their own carbon footprint to positively impact on the environment and climate change. Founded in 1993, Global Action Plan runs a variety of programmes including EcoTeams, Appetite for Action, Climate Squad, Climate Change Champions, An Inefficient Truth, the Carbon Gym, Energy Bike and EcoDriving Simulator. Partly funded by Bank of America and Sky, Global Action Plan is the only charity in the UK to be supported by the United Nations Environment Programme.

About WWF

The environment is in crisis. But we remain positive.

WWF is the world's leading independent conservation organisation. And we're tackling the most serious conservation challenges facing the planet, building a future where people and nature thrive together.

That's why we're passionate about sharing the planet's resources more sustainably, taking action on climate change and protecting endangered wildlife.

Our determination, experience and scientific know-how means we're a positive force for change. But these are tough challenges so we must also engage with communities, with business, with government. And with you.

Together, we can succeed.

Our One Planet Schools® programme
Schools play a vital role in preparing young people for the challenges and opportunities of living more sustainably. WWF's One Planet Schools programme offers a range of opportunities to inspire schools to get involved with sustainability and the work of WWF.

It's about building understanding of environmental and sustainability issues, exploring values and attitudes, and developing skills so that young people can reduce their environmental impact now and become good environmental decision-makers in the future.

About Sky
Sky has been helping to combat climate change for over six years:
· In October 2009 we launched Sky Rainforest Rescue, a three-year campaign with WWF and the State Government of Acre to help save one billion trees in the Amazon. The campaign, aims to protect rainforest covering over three million hectares in the state of Acre, Brazil to help combat climate change and preserve the unique habitat and species of the Amazon. For more information please see:
· Also in October 2009 we launched a new set of commitments to help tackle climate change, including an overall target to cut our CO2 emissions by 25% (per £m/turnover) across the business by 2020. In addition, the company plans to make its buildings 20% more energy efficient and to obtain 20% of its energy requirements for all its owned buildings from onsite renewable energy in the same time frame. By 2012, Sky will cut the carbon emissions from its fleet of vans by 25% (per van) and carbon emissions from employee business travel by a further 20% (per FTE). For more detail of Sky's new targets go to:
· Environmental impact is integrated into business decisions. Action is led by our Chief Executive and driven through a company wide Environment Steering Group which he chairs.
· We're currently investing £230 million in the construction of Europe's most sustainable broadcasting facility, on our Osterley campus in West London.