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05 September 2017


WWF Scotland

Media Statement

For Immediate Use – Tuesday 5th September 2017


Responding to the publication of the Scottish Government’s Programme for Government [1] Gina Hanrahan, Acting Head of Policy at WWF Scotland said:

“The First Minister has set out an ambitious, progressive and green Programme for Government, which puts Scotland’s low carbon economy in the driving seat.

“Scotland has long been home to world class innovation and this Programme for Government is a welcome commitment to build on our strengths and embrace a sustainable future with confidence. The benefits of today’s announcement will continue to be felt across Scotland for generations to come, as we build on the huge successes of renewable electricity, to create new jobs in clean transport and deliver a thriving economy. We’ll be working with Ministers and MSPs from across the Scottish Parliament to ensure these plans are delivered in the best, fairest, most affordable way possible.

On a target to phase out new fossil fuel cars and vans by 2032 Gina Hanrahan said:

“With transport the single biggest contributor to climate change in Scotland, we’re delighted the First Minister has heeded the call of thousands of people across Scotland to cut pollution from our cars. Decarbonising our transport sector in fifteen years will create new jobs, cut emissions and clean up our polluted air. This announcement will help accelerate the shift to electric vehicles and sets us up to lead the technologies of the future.”

On deposit return scheme and a potential levy on coffee cups Gina Hanrahan said:

“The plastic bag charge has already proved a roaring success so it makes sense to encourage people to reduce the growing mountain of disposable coffee cups. We already know that deposit return schemes for bottles work in other countries, and would be popular with people in Scotland. If everyone used as many resources as we currently do, we’d need three planets to survive. Reducing, reusing and recycling is essential if we’re to limit our use of precious resources to sustainable levels.”

On a doubling of annual investment in walking & cycling Gina Hanrahan said:

“We welcome the increase in funding for cycling and walking. This will deliver benefits to our health, our quality of life and to the air we breathe.”

On a Just Transition Commission Gina Hanrahan said:

“This is a clear signal from the Scottish Government that the transition away from oil and gas to the renewable energy of the future is inevitable and will lead to new economic opportunities if it is carefully planned.”

On Low Emission Zones (LEZ) Gina Hanrahan said:

“With as many as 3,000 deaths across Scotland as a result of air pollution, extending low emissions zones to four major cities will save lives and supports the welcome goal to help people transition out of petrol and diesel cars. We look forward to seeing the first of these zones delivered in Glasgow or Edinburgh within a year.”

Notes to Editors

[1] Scottish Government Programme for Government

[2] Green Alliance report on ‘Why UK needs a needs an ambitious clean growth plan now’