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All the garments are certified organic cotton, following strict environmental and social criteria.  Designs are recognizable by their realistic prints of iconic species at risk. The collection will be available in H&M stores worldwide and online starting 29th of September. 10% of the sales price of the collection will support WWF's work in conserving endangered species.  

The Kids collection features animal prints of species such as the tiger, panda, snow leopard, polar bear and the finless porpoise, that are facing many threats including habitat loss, water pollution and the impact of climate change. The collection mainly consists of comfortable and easy to wear organic cotton-based items such as long sleeve sweaters, T-shirts, dresses, tights, trousers and pyjamas for babies and kids between 1,5 and 14 years old.

The aim of the collection is to inspire H&M's customers to care for the planet as well as to highlight our transformational partnership, which focuses on water stewardship and climate action, as well as strategic dialogue related to both H&M's and the fashion industry's broader sustainability challenges.  

Get your collection piece from H&M while stocks last.

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