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Electricity is changing in the 21st century. Coal is being phased out and renewable energy sources like wind and solar now make up a quarter of our electricity.

This means that the greenness of our electricity now varies throughout the day. When it’s sunny and windy, we’ve got more green power. When it’s overcast and calm, we’ve got more fossil fuels online.

This new forecasting tool shows you what the greenest and dirtiest times of day will be up to two days ahead. This can help people plan their energy use, switching things on when energy is green and off when it’s not.

Being flexible with our energy use boosts our energy security and cuts carbon emissions by reducing the need for back-up fossil fuel generation. It could potentially save people money as well if they’re on time of use tariffs.

So if you want to make a green cup of tea, check out our forecast to find the greenest time of day to stick the kettle on.

Great Britain green energy forecast for the next 24 hours

NB This forecasting tool will work best in modern web browsers like Chrome and Firefox

You could also think about switching your smart phone or electric car charge, or your dishwasher or washing machine cycle, away from the dirty times of day towards the greener times of day.

Would you shift your energy use around? Let us know what you think! Tweet #GreenEnergyForecast or email

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